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By csarina


No gardening of any sort done for a few days. We still have some plants to get out and trellis to take down. We collected more pots from my friend. so we now have enough to finish digging up.

We are leaving the plants here for another week, will take them over the week prior to our moving date.

We had the council out to what we believe is japanese knotweed. Surveyor took a picture of it, I have found more of it down the side of the shed, they need to get on top of it and stop it spreading.

Nothing we can do about it, its the councils problem not ours.

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Thats interesting Csarina. Somebody on here the other week was saying that householders are now responsible for removing knotweed. I was surprised as I think there's a new biological control in the pipeline.
Its great that your council will undertake to shift it, the sooner the better. What a good thing you found it now and not after you'd pout your plants in.

13 Jun, 2015


I believe it can take 3 or 4 years to get rid of it completely.

13 Jun, 2015


That is awful for you. What a start for your new garden.

15 Jun, 2015


It was me Stera - it's the land owner's responsibility (a subtle difference to the householder). I think Csarina said she was moving into a sheltered bungalow so the Council (if it's a council bungalow) will be the landowner.

24 Jun, 2015


Good news for her then!

24 Jun, 2015

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