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An interesting month


By bjs


I am not always as observant in the garden as I might be especially with things high up ,a couple of days ago something caused me to look up into the magnolia tree Leonard Messell and was amazed to see ripe seed pods now I have had the tree 30 years and never noticed them before, have they been there I will never know but colourful they are.

Tempted to sow a few. Bonsai ?

Having looked up decided to look down now these need a magnifying glass may not seem so in the pics but each flower is about the same size as the end of a pencil

Aren’t they beautiful

Up High

Down low

Not to many flowers in the garden you have not already seen amazed how long the Rudbeckias are lasting.
One new one

Quite like it

Thought I better let you into the glass/alpine house as it comes to life
First snowdrop this is not early it being an autumn flowering variety

Part of the bench somethings going over others coming into flower some of you on the east and south coast can grow these in the garden not so here

Below one of my favourite’s I know you have seen it before but always makes me think how wonderful nature is. I do that a lot these days .

Already anticipating January 2016 do you remember the orange red and black Nasturtium from Chile its been dormant all summer now it is growing several inches a day and something else to look forward to. will have to look up to this one.

My Nasturtium,Sorry this one should have been above the cyclamen

Below one final new one to me.


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Wow Bjs you never cease to amaze me. Those alliums are to die for. Lots here I have never seen before and it is good of you to share them with us. No sign of my autumn snowdrops yet but the narcissus are already poking through in my newly planted up pots. The magnolia seeds are gorgeous. i wonder if the birds take them.

19 Oct, 2015


I do love the cyclamen, the flowers always look like alighted butterflies to me & the marbled leaves are attractive on their own.
What a strange plant the Nasturtium is, I read about it at Kew.
Three-coloured Indian cress is the longest flowering species of Tropaeolum in the collection at Kew, and also one of the most vigorous. It can easily cover, and overtop, the 2 m stakes provided as support.
It is grown in a frost-free glasshouse, in large (30 cm diameter) pots, filled with a free-draining, loam-based soil mix. The plants are re-potted in late summer and, once watered, growth soon appears above the ground. At re-potting time the tubers are often found near the bottom of the pot and if seedlings are raised and left too long before potting up, the tubers may emerge through the drainage hole at the bottom.

20 Oct, 2015


I love those alliums....very delicate flowers.

20 Oct, 2015


Those alliums certainly are very beautiful. I love the picture looking up through the acer - such a wonderful colour.

20 Oct, 2015


Are you going to sow some of the magnolia seeds?
I can't choose a favourite pic, they are all so lovely. Thankyou for showing them all.

20 Oct, 2015


Green Finger
Had never heard it call three coloured Indian cress and as I have always been of the opinion it was native to Chile was a bit intrigued so googled it, below is the explanation
Nasturtiums were once known commonly as "Indian cresses" because they were introduced from the Americas, known popularly then as the Indies, and used like cress as salad ingredients. John Gerard called the plant "Indian Cresses" in his herbal. He wrote:
Having sorted it out
Knowing you only came to Goy this year I wondered if you had seen the blog I posted on the 25 march 2015 called colour in my alpine roof there you can see it in flower.

20 Oct, 2015


I am tempted ,I regularly have seed on M. Soulangeana that are twice the size of these I germinated them quite easily a few years ago but they all perished in the first winter similar problem I have with sowing Acer seed, they grow alright when self sown so maybe I should sow a few in the open ground and cover with chicken wire to prevent squirrel eating them.
Send you some if you want I reckon its a natural for Bonsai but don't have 30 years to mess with it ,and my kids would bin

20 Oct, 2015


Like the above bloggers, I particularly love your Allium callimischon, so unusual, and the rest of your wonderful collection.

20 Oct, 2015


No, Brian, I hadn't seen that blog but I have now you told me about it, thanks.
Very interesting & unusual plant, especially growing at the coldest time in our country. I bet your alpine house looks pretty with all the little fairy lanterns hanging down.Wouldn't it be great to see the one at Kew?
So odd to think the tubers may emerge through the drainage hole, lol

20 Oct, 2015


Lovely offer Brian, but time isn't on my side and I'd be hope less at bonsai. I saw some seed in the Botanical Garden in Leicester last year and dithered then, but decided against it.

21 Oct, 2015


absolutely brilliant, love all those pictures what a great time you must have had wandering and looking up and down, hope you have not got a crick in your neck Brian. Beautiful beautiful blog. loved it all. :O)

22 Oct, 2015


Another very interesting blog, Brian! I love the plants you have in your Alpine house! Just today I pointed out to my wife some Sternburgia flowering in a garden we passed! I reminded her that we first saw them from the house we stayed at when we went to Spain (centre,Cuenca) for our son's wedding 11 years ago! I hadn't seen them before then but a friend of ours, who also went with us to the wedding, went out during the night & dug up a few plants! She didn't tell me till we were back in the UK & she brought me round a couple of them! Unfortunately the poor things died on us both! :-((

I saw some in flower in the Cambridge Botanical gardens some years ago but this is the first time I've ever seen them flowering here in a garden!

23 Oct, 2015


Thankyou for sharing your pictures. Cyclamen always give a bit of bright colour to the garden.

26 Nov, 2015

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