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Windowsill Light Reflectors


By Xela


This time last month seeds had germinated and were growing on my windowsills, growing into lanky seedlings and leaning towards the window. It was too cold to move them into the greenhouse (it is unheated) but something had to be done to help them grow strong and upright.
So when I went shopping at the supermarket I asked if I could rummage through

their cardboard box mountain for some windowsill width boxes. The boxes in which the fruit juice cartons arrive at the store were just right, once home they were cut in half, perfect.

Next I covered the inside of each half-box with aluminium foil.

The shiny side would reflect light back onto the seedlings so they wouldn’t have to lean towards the window to get the light they need

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Great idea! I might have to try this myself!

5 Apr, 2009


That is a brill idea thanks for the blog and photos.

5 Apr, 2009


Brilliant. Well done :o)

5 Apr, 2009


It's like watching Gardeners World in the Geoff Hamilton days - great stuff, Xela.

5 Apr, 2009


Brill idea Xela, I keep turning mine so they dont get leggy, i will have to try this, Thankyou..

5 Apr, 2009


Hi, thank you for the idea, I am the same as you, I have got too many seedlings! It is surprising how many have germinated, that has been the easy bit, it is keeping them all alive that is proving difficut. Gradually I am getting the out doors.

5 Apr, 2009


Great idea Xela.

5 Apr, 2009


I am glad you like this bit of improvisation, thank you for all your kind comments.
Yesterday I started moving my babies out into the greenhouse, Marge. I began with the tomatoes. Last year I bought a packet of seeds in Wilkinsons which contained six different types. Ths year I decided to try growing all of them. So I have six growing in growbags at the end of my greenhouse. However this didn't free up any windowsill space, I have trays of spares to pass on to friends and neighbours. When I take my Mother home tomorrow I shall buy some growbags for her set, that will help a bit! Lol.

6 Apr, 2009


Brilliant idea, I have had the same problem so will try your solution. Thank you.

6 Apr, 2009


What an excellent idea. I'll have to try this. Brilliant !!

7 Apr, 2009


Thanks Xela...just what i need at this moment...:>)

1 Feb, 2011


Last week these were set up again to do their magic for the first of my seedlings this year, a tray each of cauliflower, Pyrethrum and Meconopsis. They will soon need pricking on. :>)
I hope it works well for your Penstemons and other seedlings, Motinot.

2 Feb, 2011


Brilliant improvization. Must do the same next season.

10 May, 2011


I love recycling ideas. We have just had a 36 hour long power cut. We have lots of rechargeable battery lights but not knowing how long the power cut would last ( I was told to phone back if it was not on by midnight Thursday), we decided to resort to candle power this evening. I lined saucers with foil to reflect the light but this would have been ideal. I will also use them for plants. I DK what my seedlings will be like as the unheated greenhouse has lost some panes of glass. It was too dangerous to go outside because of flying slate, from next door as well as from our house. It is too windy for the slater to venture on our high roof so we will be patient until he comes on a quiet day.

4 Jan, 2012


Glad you like this idea, scotsgran.
The weather may be playing havoc with everything else, but what better reason for resorting to candle-power and enjoying the romance of the situation. Most evenings during the winter I light an aromatic candle in the lounge, my favourites are spicy and woody/fruity. The cares of the world go on hold for an hour or two while we soak up the atmosphere, relax and unwind.
One or two panes have slipped in my greenhouse too. It sounds very windy outside as I write this; I am hoping they will hold overnight and all being well an extra pair of hands will be available tomorrow to help reposition them.
I hope you don't have any more wind damage before the slater can attend to your roof too. Take care.

4 Jan, 2012


OH is out picking up last nights slate drop. We have been reasonably lucky and it probably won't be an insurance job. I feel sorry for people whose chimneys have come through their roofs or who are flooded. Our neighbours abandoned their house leaving lots of lights on and they are still on. They have been away since about 3pm on Tuesday. They have a pumped system septic tank so would not have had a proper toilet system after the power went off. Their roof slates, those which have not been glued on coming flying about every time the wind gets up. I'm not surprised its up for sale as I would not want to live in it. I don't like living next door to it either.
Summer is coming with Spring to enjoy on the way so we have something to look forward to.

5 Jan, 2012


And lots of seeds to sow, Lol. Meanwhile I hope the weather improves for the weekend and the slates stop flying.

5 Jan, 2012


We were able to go out to the shops today and it was quite scary seeing all those trees which had come down. The workmen have been out and cleared the local roads but they have had to use big equipment to put the debris over walls and fences to be cleared up at a later date. It is quite sad to see so many mature trees toppled and their roots sticking up in the air.

5 Jan, 2012


What a 'bright' idea at the start of this thread Xela! Poor old Scotland has suffered much these past few winters. Deluges, high winds and lots of snow. Hope it soon improves for you Scotsgran.

8 Jan, 2012


Very ingenious - how effective was it? Did you have any problems with water running out of the box when you watered the seedlings? Are you still doing it? and can you forgive so many questions?

5 Jul, 2013


Gosh, I had forgotten I had written this blog!
No problem, Steragram, only too happy to answer questions.Yes, it is effective so I am still using it. My seed trays are small recycled meat trays with drainage holes punched in the bottom, and I use unpunched larger ones as drip trays under them, so no problem with water running everywhere. Once the pricked out seedlings are too tall for the light reflectors I move them to the greenhouse where they 'harden off' a bit in the cooler conditions.

6 Jul, 2013


Nothing short of genius!

6 Jul, 2013


"brill idea" says me thinking, why did I not think of it?

22 Dec, 2013

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