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A Fishy Incident


By Xela


On St David’s Day we woke to find our pond sporting three large clumps of frogspawn, no surprise to my daughter as the frogs had kept her awake for several nights with their croaking (the pond is directly below her bedroom window). However we were horrified to see one frog very amorously humping one of our goldfish!

On Mothering Sunday I was gutted as I was mowing the lawn to notice a goldfish on its side deep in the pond. My son helped me net it and isolate it in an old washing up bowl (so handy in the garden, but didn’t expect to be using it for this). When we turned it over we found the fish has two sizeable patches of fungal infection on it. I ordered fungal treatment online but in the meantime added a saline solution to the washing up bowl, it was too little too late but went a small way to salving my conscience.

. Naturally I was initially very concerned for the well-being of the remaining fish, then it occurred to me …. could this be the fish that the frog was humping at the beginning of the month, that would explain the position of the infected patches? My fingers are crossed that my suspicion is correct and that the rest of the fish are okay.

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amourous male frogs will clasp anything in the breeding frenzy and sadly large fish are easy prey. Some females actually drown due to the sheer numbers of males trying to clasp them.

24 Mar, 2020


Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

25 Mar, 2020


Strange ... I hope the frog has gone now and your fish will be all right.

25 Mar, 2020


Heck, Sbg, I had no idea female fish can be subjected to gang-rape! Naively I had always thought of my pond as Nirvana :-( I am pleased to say the rest of the fish are all fine and enjoying the Spring sunshine .... and not a sign of a tadpole so I imagine they have dined well too ;-)

10 Apr, 2020

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