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Hello everyone…… thought I would just pop in and say Good Day…… I am still here and God willing hope to be around for a tad longer….. it’s lovely to see so many of the old faces Sue…Shirley.. Sheila Hywel… Linda…Paul.. Delonix…Homebird…Balcony…Kate….. Stera…. Feverfew…Meadow….Terra…Anget…Janey…etc..sorry if I have missed any of you off the memory isn’t as good as it was!
It’s been a weird couple of years….to say the least! The garden has undergone many changes ( as usual!) arches removed…. 3 roses removed especially the huge rambling ones….far too much work for the head gardener despite investing in a safety ladder…. 6 large Dogwoods taken out! massive bamboo removed it had escaped into the neighbours garden… prairie planting added…. jungle reorganised…. grew lots of Dahlias…..won’t be growing that many again!…it’s been hard work…. but rewarding
The head gardener is busy planting bulbs……went a bit mad this year….well it’s something to look forward to isn’t it?
I follow Karen…Scottish Karen’s garden on Instagram…..she is well and going to be a Grandma….
When I have the energy I will upload some photos….unfortunately I no longer have my trusty Mac….so it is a bit complicated now….especially resizing using a mix of iPad and smart phone!
Lovely to see so many members still using GOY……

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Great to hear from you again DD! Sounds as though lots has been happening in your garden while you've been keeping a low profile! Would we still recognise it? It will be good to see the result of all the changes when you can beat the technology into submission!

1 Nov, 2021


Thanks Stera…it has been a busy couple of years….trying to cut down on all the onerous tasks….we are not getting any younger…
Hello Meadow thanks for your lovely comments l have missed you all….it has been busy but productive….

1 Nov, 2021


Lovely to hear from you DD and i hope you are staying well. I will look forward to seeing any of your photos when you get the time to post.
Pleased you are in touch with Karen. I have missed you both.

1 Nov, 2021


Ditto to the above Dd. I wondered what had become of you. A lot going on in your life & garden it seems!

1 Nov, 2021


Good evening DD!!! Lovely to hear from you and how things have been going for you this year! Sounds like you've been very busy indeed.
I do hope you are keeping well and enjoying life despite this awful past couple of years...
We have missed your posts and lovely garden pics! It's so good to hear from you.
Its really nice to hear you keeping contact with Karen, please pass on my best wishes and a big congratulations to her too! She will be excited!.
Take care, please keep in touch!
Don't stay away too long!
Best wishes xxx

1 Nov, 2021


It’s lovely to have you back Angela … NOW we understand what kept you away for so long … phew! You have both worked so hard, I hope you can now have a bit more rest during the winter - like Monty!

Thanks for the news about Karen .. I will try to find her on Instagram 🙂.

2 Nov, 2021


Sounds like you've really 'gone for it', DD, the changes sound intriguing. I shall look forward to photos later. Sounds like some R & R are in order over the winter months! Good to hear from you again.

2 Nov, 2021


Lovely to see your name on here once again and I hope that all is well with you and your family.
My goodness you have been really busy but I bet you are pleased with what you have achieved!
Looking forward to seeing you again! Hope the bulbs are planted and yes, it is something to look forward to.

3 Nov, 2021


Hello lovely to see you are back Denisexx

3 Nov, 2021


Hello Angela, lovely to see you here again. It is difficult to keep up with everything sometimes but it's nice to be in touch with old friends :)
I can understand your garden having undergone some changes, mine also, but we have to move with the times and make things easier for ourselves.
I hope your bulbs give a good display in the spring ... lovely photo of an Aster .

4 Nov, 2021


Hi Dd lovely to see you and also look forward to seeing your changes always inspirational. Also congrats and regards to Karen :-))

4 Nov, 2021


Wow…you have been busy.. I can understand the need to make things a bit easier to manage, we’ve been doing a few alterations too. I am looking forward to seeing how your ‘new’ garden is shaping up.

5 Nov, 2021


Nice to see you back on here DD and looking forward to seeing pictures of your garden!
Best wishes to Karen! I am going to be a great grandma for the first time! Can't wait!

5 Nov, 2021


Please send my best wishes and congratulations to Karen. I missed so many of our good friends on here.
Congratulations Rose..

5 Nov, 2021


Thanks Homebird2 !

5 Nov, 2021


First things first many congratulations Rose… you join the exclusive great grandparents club!
A big thank you …for all your very sincere comments…. I have missed GOY….”I won’t tell a lie “ Nessa quote (Gavin and Stacey) …….I joined in 2009! seems like a lifetime ago now…
My head gardener as I now call him will be 86 on the 17th November…….yet he still spends an average of three hours a day working in the garden….. far more energy than I have….we are both pleased with the way it is developing though…. I promise to put more photos on as and when!
Hywel the Aster is Mönch….and it is still flowering now….one of the best…
Thanks again for all your lovely welcoming comments…

7 Nov, 2021


Hello Angela,it's so lovely to have you back again,I did message one of our Goy friends,to ask if she knew how you were,a little while ago.Glad you are well,and enjoying all the new changes in your garden,to make life easier for both you,and your OH ! :o)
Take care,and I'm looking forward to seeing your 'new look 'garden..xx

8 Nov, 2021


Thank you Dotty! Can't wait!

9 Nov, 2021


Great to hear that you are both well. Your garden must be unecognisable from my visit all those years ago! I smiled when I read about the Bamboo escaping to next door - that's one plant I would never, ever plant again, such a thug!! Take care, keep safe and well . . . :o))x

10 Nov, 2021


Hi there Bloomer….hopefully you are well…we go back a long way don’t we?
Shirley the garden would be unrecognisable…….we are still trying to make it more manageable…… not easy 🤔 as well as keeping the house from falling down!

6 Dec, 2021


That's not sounding good! Subsidence issues?

6 Dec, 2021


Hi Angela,we are fine,thank you,and yes,we certainly do go back a long way.:o) Lots of Happy memories of the last 13 years, ? Oh my, how time flies,and I hope it's not too serious about your House ! :o( xx

6 Dec, 2021


DD, Sorry, to have misses your posting on here in November. Glad to hear P. and yourself are keeping well.
Like the Aster. Take care.

23 Dec, 2021

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