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Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace


I was informed yesterday that I shall be going to Buckingham Palace for one of the Queens Royal Garden Parties.

She has 3 a year at Buckingham Palace and my wife and I shall be going along for a look around her garden and tea and sandwiches.

I shall recieve the offical invatation 4-6 weeks before the date from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office.

The gardens are not usually open to the public so if I am allowed to take a camera I shall try and get some photos, along with how shall we say, see if everything is spotless or does she suffer from lillie beetle, aphids and black spot.

Has anyone else ever been to one?

My wife shall no doubt be looking for a new outfit and a hat, I will probably supply the wallet.

Roll on July, then I can tell you all about it.

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How exciting!

I'm sure the royal gardens are not immune to common bugs!

28 Mar, 2009


How exciting! I bet she doesn't do her own weeding, though, don't you? LOTS of photos please!

28 Mar, 2009


Lucky you, I don't expect to ever be invited to Buck House. Don't be afraid to start pulling up weeds if you see any.

28 Mar, 2009


Cant wait to see your pictures Trees..............Lucky you

28 Mar, 2009


Oooooo. Lucky you!! I'd love to go to one. Very exciting. I hope you are allowed to take photos. Perhaps they have little ladybirds in Busbies and red jackets patrolling the flowers against invaders. :o)

29 Mar, 2009


I've heard it's a fab garden full of interesting plants.Now remember, don't try to pinch any cuttings or you will end up in the tower!

29 Mar, 2009


Lucky you, hope you enjoy your day there, plus hope the weather is fine for you, looking forwould to hearing all about it.

29 Mar, 2009


How exciting... your very lucky......hope you will be able to take some photos to show us........

29 Mar, 2009


Congratulations TnT, I hope you have a wonderful day.
I was fortunate enough to get an invitation to a Garden Party last year. It was on the wettest day of the summer! Marguerite is right - you are not allowed to take cameras or mobile phones in (for security reasons) so you will just have to hold it in your memory and describe it for us. The garden is absolutely immaculate - not a weed in sight or a single black spot on any of the roses

29 Mar, 2009


Looking forward to hearing how it went.

29 Mar, 2009


By the sounds of it I wont be able to take my camera.
I will try and give a full account of what I see though and let you all know.

I need to convince my wife to take a large'ish handbag with plenty of tissue's and sandwich bags so I might sneak a few cuttings in it.

Really looking forward to it I just hope I get a dry day I really dont want it to be a wet one like Andrews.

30 Mar, 2009


everyone has dust somewear lol lucky you

2 Apr, 2009


Might see you there? I've had an invite to the Garden party taking place on the 14th July. Like you I am having to underwrite a list of new clothes which my wife has decided that she needs to show to the Queen.
I am awaiting more information on the rules and protocols etc but would be suprised if we were allowed to take cameras [ or phones] with us. Not sure about trying for the odd cutting as I understand that the food in the Tower is not recommended?
Good luck and let me know if you have the same date.

4 Apr, 2009


i thaught the food would be spot on but hay ho

5 Apr, 2009


Me to, my mum has been invited and im her plus one!! lucky lucky me...See you there!..whoever you are? hehe

5 May, 2009


My boyfriend and I managed to get invites to tomorrows (7th July) event so will let you know how it goes. Exciting!

6 Jul, 2009


I was there and although the gardens were wonderful I spent more time doging hailstones the size of cannon balls.

8 Jul, 2009


Boo Hoo also at the party and ruined my best silk shoes in the rain and mud. gardens lovely even in the rain and i met some great characters. Cucumber sandwiches and a paddle on queeny's lawn, not bad for a free afternoon out

10 Jul, 2009


Fingers crossed the weather will be better on the 21st.
My wife is still deciding on weather to buy a hat or a facinator.

10 Jul, 2009


I went last year it was lovely. You are not supposed to take a camera but lots of people seem to sneak them in. This is an account of my day

13 Jul, 2009

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