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Seed sowing and sand


I have spent quite a bit of the day sowing seeds.
I have been through my tin and anything that said Feb/ Mar has been sown. Even some Larkspur that said sow outdoors in Mar.

Since I dont have a heated propagator I am going for the trial method of a sand filled tray. During the day the idea is that the sun warms up the sand then at night I put the tray’s back on the warm sand.

It might work the, theory is there, I will just have to wait and see. My big problem will come if it does work I will then need excess space once everything is potted on.

I was also hoping it was going to warm up in general, but it looks like snow is coming again.

Oh and another cheap purchase.

Hopefully he will cross pollinate with my pink and purple one, and I will end up with something nice.

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The theory is good, so let us know if it works T&T...

3 Mar, 2009


Never heard that before about a sand tray. It's worth a try. It sounds like good sense. Maybe I'll try it but I'm going to sew my seeds later because I haven't got room for them yet. Good luck with your seeds.

3 Mar, 2009


I'll be interested to hear if the sand idea works. I do like the freckley flower.

3 Mar, 2009


Same here never heard of using sand to keep in the heat Let us no if it works. Sounds good.

4 Mar, 2009


Hi hope your sand works, i've no heating, so i have lots of the clear tops you can get for trays, so they are in a mini greenhouses.

4 Mar, 2009


Oh I see, so the sand acts as a heat sink. What a good idea. I'll have to remember that. I hope it works. Let us know how you get on.

4 Mar, 2009


When you are on holiday and walk on the sand it is often very hot/warm even in the evening so hopefully it will help to give the seeds a little bit of bottom warmth to help germination.

I might need darker sand or very warm sunny days. Fingers crossed it can't not help.

Gee the freckley flower is a white creamy Hellebore.

Clarice there are some clear plastic lids on some of them, just not when i took the photo.

My geranium seeds have germinated just by placing the tray in a sandwhich bag whilst in the greenhouse. Suposed to be a costant 20 deg, but the green house fluctuates between 20 plus during the day down to 0deg at night.

I'm sure that if things want to grow they will try their best.

5 Mar, 2009

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