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New path and a new Arch


I would like a new arch in my garden as I would also like some roses growing over it.
So I have to find room.

This where it is going to go. I bought this New Zealand Flax a couple of years ago. It was reduced by 70% at the time. Once home I split it into 3. The other two are fine albiet getting rather large. This being the largest and in the ideal position for an arch and I can then link my top part of the garden with the lower bit by using some left over bricks.

Into recycling and all that, I also need my utility room ceiling re plastering so this plant is going to my friends garden along with some others as payment. It is now potted up in several pots to grow on for a bit and then the exchange will take place.

Now for the path. I made a path last year which takes time as I dig out each individual brick shape and then stamp them into place. Here goes.

Now all I need is the right arch. I have seen some nice metal ones (bit pricy) or do I go for a rustic build yourself one?
I also have to get about a dozen more slabs to link it into the path at the top.
Hopefully soon I shall have it all sorted.

A Sunday well spent in the garden.

Just thought I would add a picture of the new Arch now that it is up in the garden.

Once I have got some climbers in it should look slightly less harsh. I have a honey suckle I can put one side and I am still after a rose for the other.
Along with a few sweetpeas in the summer it should look quite nice.

I now have to get about six new slabs to link it up to the path.

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Very industrious and love the way your path meanders,and as you asked I think rustic will blend in well.....

1 Mar, 2009


you have worked hard today. well done you.

1 Mar, 2009


Looking good! Yes, I agree - rustic would look 'in keeping' with the rest. That Phormium has turned out to be an absolute bargain!

What's that poorly-looking plant in the photos?

1 Mar, 2009


Ah this is my very sorry looking almost 3 year old Echium.
I took his fleece off today and I have my fingers crossed that he might perk up.

He has come through the last two winters unscaved but this year, well you can see.

There are 5 more smaller ones doted around the garden but this one I really hoped he will make it. I wont pull him up yet as he might come back with a flourish.

1 Mar, 2009


Hi Trees, garden looks great. I'm looking for arches too but don't think I'm skilled enough to build a rustic one. Where did you see the metal ones?

1 Mar, 2009


Hi, you have been busy, but i think it would be nice rustic and more in keeping with your lovely path.

1 Mar, 2009


I have seen the metal ones on the way to Exeter about £200 plus.
I have just been on Tescos web site and ordered a wooden one. I shall take pics once it is delivered and built.

Then im after a climbing rose I think the one I saw at Hampton court was called 'Ethel'.

1 Mar, 2009


Great blog and I love your brick path meandering along. I agree with the above - rustic will be perfect. Well done.

1 Mar, 2009


Yes I like climbing roses. I think I prefer them.

1 Mar, 2009


i used agricultural posts to make a rustic arch , much cheaper than a metal one , see if your local wood yard has any , or try a builders merchants . i think there is a pic of mine on my 1st blog with pictures..................steve

2 Mar, 2009


I have seen a nice arch in Argos for £34.99 with a gate! its not rustic though and i agree i think rustic would look best here, am hoping hubby will buy it for me for my birthday at end of this month! :)

3 Mar, 2009


Fingers crossed for your birthday Sewingkilla.

3 Mar, 2009


It's looking good T&T.
The rose named "Ethel" is a Hybrid Wichurana, a rambler. Pale pink, double flowers. Lovely. It isn't a repeat bloomer though.

4 Mar, 2009


Lovely blog. I like your brick path, particularly as it looks established as though it's been there forever. Funny, I'd always imagined that the roots of Phormium(New Zealand Flax) would be huge and difficult to dig up and divide. I've been toying with the idea of doing this to my red leaf one and you've now encouraged me to perhaps go ahead and do it, if I get time. I agree with Lincslass about the rustic arch!

5 Mar, 2009


Arch gets delivered a week today.

6 Mar, 2009


Make sure your camera is at the ready!

6 Mar, 2009


New arch is now up and positioned in the garden.

14 Mar, 2009


Good news! And I've followed your lead and split up my Phormium. My neighbour was pleased with the peice I put in her garden.

14 Mar, 2009

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