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I'm still a young 67 in April 2014 though looking much older for my age.
I was retired off from work with permanent ill health but with the help of my wife and the discovery of the internet I purchase most of my plugs on the web then grow on until ready for transplanting to their final spot. Most of my photos are taken from my front room window or kitchen window and the occasional from the gardens. So happy that I found this site. I was getting so tired with facebook and all the bad language. It's nice to chat to people with the same interests.
I was a forces child born 1947 while my parents were at Singapore and I myself joined the RAF as a cook aged 15 yr and 16 days May 1962 leaving in the December of 1969 .On leaving the RAF I tried a few different jobs, from the furniture trade, British Rail, also tried fibre glass laminating , worked in a electro-plating factory , then a builders yard. In 1971 I had one of the best experiences of my life, I met and married my wife. I have 2 daughters and a son and 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. My eldest grandson will be 21 in August 2012and my youngest the granddaughter will be 4 next March 2013. It was through my father-in-law that I got a job on the Dustcart's. This was in 75, long before the start of the wheelie bin and before the black bags. I had an enjoyable 16 years working on the carts and it was after the introduction of the wheelie bin that I had a accident when I was pulling a bin down a flight of steps and hurt my neck and left shoulder. Between 91 and 2000 I never left my house but then I was told that I could try some light work. I started off doing a couple of hours a day watering flowers which led to light cleaning in a village pub. I also took a job as a school taxi escort taking special needs children to and from school. In was in the June of 2006 I was on a return to home journey that the taxi I was a passenger in was struck from behind. Talk about whiplash injury. Had so many painful injections and electric shocks in and around the neck. I say this was the return to all of my problems.
It was just in the last few years I had coronary stents fitted, I was told I had a stroke while this procedure was being carried out. Also had failed Angioplasty being told the benefit was outweighed by the risk. Been in and out of hospital the last time was this year (2012) plus had a scare with the carbon monoxide poisoning ( see my blog)
My outlook on life is loose weight as my doctor has classed me as being obese so referred me to Weight Watcher, be able to walk along a river bank to look at the fish, be able to walk in a Supermarket with out going dizzy, get the ankylosis sorted in the right jaw, have my teeth sorted and enjoy my family and wake up in the morning for a few years yet and get on with life.

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  • Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) (Ipomoea tricolor (Morning glory))
  • Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) (Ipomoea tricolor (Morning glory))
  • Blue tit (Ipomoea tricolor (Morning glory))
  • Robin

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