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Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

My next door neighbour has a plant that she never planted take root in her garden. I myself don't know so I wonder if any members of the GOU can help. Thank you



Its most likely Malope trifida, an annual plant in the UK, but for ID purposes, its important to be able to see the foliage as well

21 Aug, 2017


It might also be Malva sylvestris mauritanica, but a good look at the leaves would help settle the question, Tommy.

22 Aug, 2017


Hi, sorry Bamboo and Tug, but my first thought was Salpiglossis, but these days I seem to be getting a few wrong id's, Derek.

22 Aug, 2017


To be fair, without sight of the rest of the plant, its hard to say for sure what it is!

22 Aug, 2017


Hi Bamboo, yes it would help make it easier to id, still no guarantee of getting it right though, lol, Derek.

22 Aug, 2017


Just read your profile Tommy - goodness what a chapter of accidents! I hope you are doing better these days!

22 Aug, 2017

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