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Updating Bird Diary to the 26th February


Snow long gone and in the direct sun it’s pretty warm but in the shade it’s a lot cooler.

Wish this was the temperature in the shade

I just received this feeder as a free gift and within minutes the Blue tits have claimed as their own.

A different Robin in the Garden as the red breast markings not so vivid as my last visitor. This one plays at ’I’m the King of the Castle.’

Mirror, mirror on the wall, (Water) she’s for ever looking at her reflection. I’m waiting for her to attack.

The Great tits returned after I added a different feed to my daily schedule plus I have a new supplier for the dried mealworms. Glad I don’t smoke or drink as the other day I worked out weight for weight ratio it cost more to feed the birds than me. Mind you I don’t regret a minute of it and have been learning so much about the different birds attitudes to each other. Even a difference of temperament of the same species of bird.

Eyes to the right.

Living in harmony? Look at the Woodpigeon using it’s left leg to claim the ground feeder from the Pied wagtail.

This squirrel even has a few mealworms with the black sunflower seeds.

Suddenly the female blackbird let out a warning and all the birds and the squirrel legged or winged it. , one of next door cats needed to have a pee in my open plan toilet. One of my newly planted box hedge is turning yellow with urine stain. I guess as long as the only use the same plant I will have to put up with it.

I’ll have to remember to fill the water dish a bit higher so the smaller birds do not need to stretch for a drink

Playing hard to get. I love the different mosses on the sycamore tree. It was planted in it’s present spot over 30 years ago. It even survived some young lads with an axe who tried to cut it down. Our local council planted quite a few trees in the area but sadly many were vandalised in their first few days in their new plots and understandably they were not replaced.

Getting over their shyness

Lets get those eggs rolling

Hopefully it’s time to build up on food for future squabs

Woody climbing the steps for a better view.

Having a good nosey around

Spring in the air , shows a picture taken through my front room window. Some of the flowers on the Camellia seem to have got over that cold snap.

I have so many pictures of birds but all of the same species.Hopefully one day I might get some sparrows or starlings pop in for lunch. I have brought some all year round feed so hope this is okay for young chicks and I will keep supplying mealworms.

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Lovely pics of the birds as usual. Might I suggest a stone/rock or 2 in the middle of the water for the birds, that way the little ones can land on the stone/rock

27 Feb, 2012


Thanks Tommy your blogs are always interesting, shows how much you can learn from good observation.
I loved that picture of the poor little bluetit stretching to get the water!

27 Feb, 2012


Oh Mr Tom I so love to see the birds in your garden.

Its a real pleasure.

An interesting read as always.

Hope this finds you well.

27 Feb, 2012


Back on form Tommy! Great set of pictures there for us to enjoy. I told my Mum the year before last that I would buy her bird seed for a year as a Christmas pressy. Back on perfume this year Lol.

27 Feb, 2012


Lovely pics, costs me a fortune in bird food as well but the pleasure i get from watching them pays me back big time. Pleased i've had quite a few bullfinches this year to join the regulars such a beautiful bird! Hard to get photos of them i find, you've done well to get such nice pics, i'll have to try harder!

27 Feb, 2012


I agree, MM. Wouldn't want to be without them, despite the expense. Tom, your doves seem very happy together. I had a youngster from my pair here who trailed around after the parents for months, begging. Hope you have youngsters this year.

27 Feb, 2012


Thanks for your nice comments, I will try some pebbles in the middle of the water. I'll have to buy another dish too as the robin, blackbird, pigeon and pied wagtail all have a daily bath. I have to keep my eyes open so that I change the bath water every time they have a bath

27 Feb, 2012


A lovely blog Tommy , we have larger deeper bowl half filled with stones for the birds to drink from it's also their favourite place to have a wash and brush up ....

27 Feb, 2012


Cheers Amy will give that a try too as I have noticed that the birds use their wings to completely was their plumage

27 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog and some smashing photo`s Tommy, I love the ones with the squirrel, really good closeups amongst them.
Hope you are feeling better now...

27 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog Tommy (as usual) you've some great shots there!

27 Feb, 2012

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