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Hemerocallis - Then there were none.


Some of you out there might know that earlier this year I took over a nursery which had specialised in Daylilies. I had to bring them from under nettles and brambles into the tunnels where I weeded and watered and had some beautiful flowers but for some reason they were just not my cup of tea.
In June I contacted a Hemerocallis specialist to see if they were interested in the collection as a whole but heard nothing.
I carried on posting photos of them on GOY and had lots of help identifying some of the plants without labels. Siris, Simbad and Wylieintheazores were especially helpful.

Well would you believe it ,in September I had a phone call from the specialist asking if I still had them. The e mail had got mixed in with others and they had only just seen it.
The following week he came and looked and bought them all. We made arrangements for collection as he had to hire a large van to fit them all in (I wasn’t convinced they would all fit).
On the 9th October he came with a big van and a friend but there was no way they would all fit in so about a third went on the journey to their new home and it was arranged for the following week to collect the rest with TWO vans.

On Friday of last week the rest were loaded and have gone to their new home too. I am pleased they have gone to someone who knows about Daylilies and will appreciate them although he said it would probably take 2 or 3 years to identify them.

Now comes the big clean up. All that’s left in one tunnel are some perennials which were also left at the nursery.
I have had a good go at the greenhouse which was in a bit of state. (you might have seen the pics earlier in the year)
It’s had a new floor, a couple of new panes of glass and a good clean. It’s nearly ready to go.


These photos aren’t that good as they were taken this morning in the rain and I’m still cleaning staging etc. but it gives some idea what it will look like when finished.
The concrete floor is to stop the squirrels and field mice which had burrowed under and made a home to bring walnuts and cherry stones.

I can’t wait to get some plants into it!

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Thats worked out well all round then Thorney, no excuses for you now irrespective of the weather and so much space, unlike many of us I don't think you'll be playing juggle the plants come late springtime, it will be really interesting following any future blogs (hint) the greenhouse is looking grand as well now its fixed and all spruced up, jobs a goodun and no mistake, I too would be eager to get started with the sowing and suchlike....

21 Oct, 2015


I love lilies, all kinds. How wonderful taking over a lily specialist nursery. Wish we were younger as my Other Half would specialise in Alpine plants. There used to be a nearby place that sold unusual ones but it's no longer there, alas. Nor is the one on the Devon border that specialised in miniature plants. I bought quite a few for my miniature garden but they've died over the years.

Our two greenhouses are full of fuchsias and other plants. Often wonder whether tunnels wouldn't be better.

Good on you clearing out your greenhouse. It's quite a job.

21 Oct, 2015


Well that was some changeover Thorneyside. You have a lot of space there for new plants.

21 Oct, 2015


You were lucky to find someone who would take all of them.

22 Oct, 2015


This is really good news, after you must surely have given up hope! Would love to know what your plans are now after you've got everything shipshape!

22 Oct, 2015


Thanks all for your comments. I have hundreds of Heuchera grown from seed of my bought plants and running out of space. They are 3,2 and 1 year old and although I didn't sow any yet this year I'm finding seedlings in pots of Fuchsias. I thought I had taken all the flower stems off but I either missed some or some seeds dropped while I was collecting them.
Yes Wylie I was lucky although the nursery in question was happy with his purchase. Their intention is to try for a National Collection but also to hybridize using some of the older varieties. At least that's what I was told.
It was quite a shock when he phoned me as the e mail had been sent nearly three months before. Anyway, all parties happy with the outcome.
Time now to get rid of the weeds and tidy before taking the new plants down.

26 Oct, 2015


Missed this blog, on holiday. So pleased for you that someone has taken over the Daylily collection. I think you did a grand job in saving them, it would have been such a shame that someone's hard work in collecting them would have been lost.

14 Nov, 2015


Thank you Siris. I was pleased they've gone to someone who appreciates them and the time that went into collecting them.
I found this old ad online and sent a copy to the buyer. It says over 900 varieties and I thought 800 was a lot!
(It copied the ad but not the photo).

Go to
Hemerocallis-daylily is ranked 2,886,024 in the United Kingdom. 'Old Slade Nursery | UK Hemerocallis Day Lily Collection | 900 Varieties.'
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19 Nov, 2015


Wow, that was some collection.

19 Nov, 2015


Still wondering what comes next! Have you found any new heuchera varieties among your seedlings?

19 Nov, 2015


now you have cleaned it up, i would not mind the greenhouse. well done pal

7 Dec, 2015


A very interesting blog with a happy ending......... What a difference you have made to that greenhouse!! so rewarding, do keep us all up to date.

14 Mar, 2016

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