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More daylilies


Here are some more pics of flowers that opened in the last few days.

There are no names for the following three, all nice flowers though.

They are coming thick and fast now.

There are so many that it’s hard to pick a favourite.

sorry there are so many and I have skipped a few.

Snowy apparition

All fired Up

Burning Inheritance

Fancy Face

Last one, I’m not going to bore you with the rest.

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They are all gorgeous, like snowy apparition, and all fired up.

3 Jul, 2015


Wonderful, this is a great time of year new flowers every day, not tempted to keep any Thorney? :-), my favourite are Fancy Face and the last one Wow what a yellow!! it looks a large flower too lovely :-)

3 Jul, 2015


They are all beautiful :)

3 Jul, 2015


I think they are all wonderful but the last one what a lovely shape flower.

3 Jul, 2015


You will be converted yet Thorneyside!

3 Jul, 2015


They are wonderful, if you lived nearer I'd be paying you a visit and thats a fact, thankyou for naming them, I'm adding to my favs for future reference, my wishlist is still growing...

4 Jul, 2015


Thorney have you googled 'Fancy Face'? You really need to its definitely one I'd keep, the colouring looks right but maybe its not showing its full potential because its in a pot it really is a beauty :-)

5 Jul, 2015


Thanks to you all. No Simbad, not tempted to keep any. If I did it would have to be the small ones. so delicate. Pandora's Box just flowered, that sort of thing. What's so special about Fancy Face Simbad? Others much prettier in my eyes. They really do have to go, to make way for my own plants although I'm still finding pots in amongst weeds, bushes and under trees. It's never ending. Might try e bay or car boot this week if I get time. That's the problem, time. The nursery wasn't open to the public as far as I know so I have to find an outlet. Anyone have any ideas?

8 Jul, 2015


If its been in a pot for a while its probably not showing what it can really do :-), also with some daylilies it depends on weather conditions whether they show their patterns edges etc, in this country, take a look at these pictures to see what it could look like if fed and planted out in a sunny spot ;-), I'd definitely buy that one from you!
Last year I sent a lot of daylily divisions to members on here they just paid postage,after all your hard work though should think you'll want to make a bit of profit!! then there's the time it takes packaging them all up, can't think of anything else except ebay or car boot like you mentioned, just let me know if you put Fancy Face on ebay lol ;-)

8 Jul, 2015


Thanks Simbad, I had a look and they are nice. As you know they've had nothing for so long and just to flower is a bonus. I never dreamt a couple of months ago that I would have a sea of daylilies by now.

8 Jul, 2015


I'm not a great lover of Day lilies, probably because I just have the common orange one that takes over everything!
But the 'All fired up' one you show is really lovely - as are most of the others, so I might get converted yet!

9 Jul, 2015


Fantastic Blog , Wow!

2 Mar, 2017

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