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The daylilies are starting to flower and I can’t believe some of the colours. I thought they came in yellow, orange and I have seen the occasional red one.
What a fool I am!!.
While looking up some of the names on labels in the pots I was amazed at the some of the colours and shapes and sizes these come in.

Some have name labels but you never know if the label is right.
Label O B Langdon which when I looked is Olive Bailey Langdon

A whole row of Norwegian Wood hidden in amongst weeds and brambles, now cleaned up a bit.

There are names like Pirates Patch

There are a few with Little e.g. Little Missy, Little Maggie, Little Deeke, Little Red Dragon……. all yet to flower.

Lots without names too.

They seem to come in all shapes, sizes and colours and must be the most resilient plants ever.
The pots closest to the camera have just been taken from a sea of weeds and hopefully will come back with water and a little shade. For weeks we have had temperatures of 24 and 25. Yesterday 27.5 degrees and no rain for weeks.
The little plastic left on this second tunnel was removed and some netting put on to give a bit of shade as the plants were brought in.

There are so many different colours.

This one is labelled Prelude to love. The photo is not very good but I put it in anyway.

Every day there are new flowers to take pictures of and every day brings another surprise.
There are a few labelled Arctic Snow with round fat buds. I assume it will be white but by the size of the buds I don’t have long to wait to see.

There are about 100 more to get in, then comes the tricky bit, finding new homes for them all.

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I love day lilies and have about five different three of them didn't flower last year any suggestions why would be a great help

27 Jun, 2015


Wonderful !!
Picture 8 cream with the really dark eye looks like 'Wild Horses' a very popular one, mine had a flower open just yesterday. There are some great names I have one called 'Slipped my Disco' its definitely one I always remember lol.

27 Jun, 2015


You have a nice collection. I can't decide which one is my favorite - it's whichever one I'm looking at. Thanks for sharing :)

27 Jun, 2015


I dont understand why they are in pots. Why arent they growing in the ground ? Do they get watered with a hosepipe in this hot weather ?
Thanks for sharing anyway. Mine is in a tub outside.

28 Jun, 2015


They are in pots DB as I took over a nursery that hadn't been looked after due to illness and wrote a blog "Nursery" which explains from the start.
Sorry Kaiglen but you probably know more than me about daylilies, I'm a herbaceous perennial person but someone will help if you ask the question.
Thanks Simbad and Bathgate. I'm told the original owner of the collection bought quite a few from USA.

28 Jun, 2015


Oooo should be some good ones then :-), there's lots I would like from the USA but the costs involved importing them I just couldn't afford, phitosanitary costs etc.
Are you going to carry on using the premises as a daylily nursery?

28 Jun, 2015


No Simbad, I would like to take all my heucheras there and this years new seedlings too but no room at the moment. When I took over, my son wanted to dump all the plants as everything looked too far gone but I could see that I should give them a chance first. A gardener won't throw something until it is really dead! The lady in the nursery next door was telling me that the owner years ago, a Mr Hughes, was paying £80 and £90 for some plants he had from USA. Sounds like a lot of money to me but whatever turns you on.
It would be nice if they could go as a collection but I can't see that happening.
To sell to a garden centre they would all need to be repotted which would take forever and cost a lot.
For ebay they need to be bare rooted, and how do you do that if they're in flower? Too expensive to send in pots especially as the soil is like concrete and probably weighs as much too.

28 Jun, 2015


You have got your work cut out, Thorney
They are going to be a lovely collection.
Are you going to open the nursery to the public? Surely you could sell them, even if they were unnamed, (as unnamed yellow etc), if you put the appropriate picture with the pot. Am I being naive? Don't let them be lost.

28 Jun, 2015


Interesting , yes some can be very expensive, usually the newer varieties which a lot of collectors really want , its the time you're paying for really, takes several years to trial them to find the best, hundreds are grown just to get one good plant .
I ve sold bare root on eBay and received them bare root with flower buds and they ve still gone on to flower, you could let them flower take a picture then cut the flower scape off before posting? it'll do no damage to the plant, wash the roots let them dry for a day or so then trim the leaves by half, they weigh very little then and travel well, its amazing when planted how quickly they grow back, collectors on eBay do like a name though :-)
Good luck I'll keep looking at your pictures :-)

28 Jun, 2015


They are amazing - what a surprise! I would agree about letting the public in if you have the insurance.

28 Jun, 2015


Truly lovely and you have made such a good job of cleaning them up, pleased you didn't just dump them.......

29 Jun, 2015


So many different ones, and all beautiful :)

29 Jun, 2015

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