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Day lily heaven or hell, not sure.


I have been a few weeks now trying to sort the plants fom the weeds and have found a few hidden gems.
This small type Iris I think Siberian Iris Sparkling Rose and another yet to flower, labelled White Pearl.

Some dianthus which have got a bit leggy but flowered anyway.

There are Alchemilla mollis, Johnson’s Blue Geranium and lots of others, a few I don’t know so any help with naming the next 2 photos would be appreciated.

This is darker than the pic shows.

A Veronica seeded in with a daylily. Lovely shade of blue.

Finally, the Day Lilies are starting to flower, this was first.
It’s only about a foot high with dainty flowers of bright yellow.

Another small one about 18 inches high, yellow with brownish markings on the back.

A nice scabious I found, had to put this one in.

I’ve been sorting the ones covered in weeds, there are hundreds, and more to come. Such a shame.
The sheeting was removed from this tunnel so it’s ideal at the moment although might need temporary shading till it gets recovered.Temperature last few days 25, 26 degrees.

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Daylily heaven definitely!!
The pink iris is gorgeous love it:-)
My first thought with your yellow daylily with the brown backs was 'Corky' a very distinct variety, it's nearly in flower here too a bit taller than 18inch here but could be because yours is in a pot ? As for the other yellow anybody's guess maybe 'Happy Returns'? but that's a wild guess lol.

13 Jun, 2015


Hi, the pics you need identifying the first could be nastursium or epimedium and the second looks like Eupatorium chocolate or also known as Ageratina chocolate :))

13 Jun, 2015


Oh, you have got your work cut out, but some treasures in there, if you recognise them!

13 Jun, 2015


Thanks to you all. I think you're right Daylily, Eupatorium for the dark leaves and epimedium leaves on google looks to be right for the other. Very leathery leaves almost like a pond plant.
Simbad, I can't wait for some to flower with names I hope give a clue to colour, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lavender Silver Cords, Lilac Surprise. Hoping to get a chance to google the 200 plus names I have written down.
Siris, without names I wouldn't recognise the daylilies. I only ever had a yellow and an orange basic plant.
Perennials and shrubs are more my area. They seem to be in alphabetical order outside but the previous man left some of the parent plants in the ground and if there's no name I'm lost. You can google but never be completely sure.

14 Jun, 2015


I don't know if you already know Thorney, and sorry if you do :-), but there are a couple of really good daylily databases that I use and know Wylie does where you can check height, flower size, whether they're early mid or late bloomers, year of registration etc there are pictures too,just type the name in the cultivar box and search, at the bottom(on tinkers) it even tells you how many children have been produced using each variety and if you click on it you can view them, something I've been looking at more and more lately to give me an idea what can be produced using my own plants:-)

14 Jun, 2015


Thanks Simbad, will give it a go.

14 Jun, 2015

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