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My front garden, photographed before the recent snows …

… flowers and blossom, promising that a warm and wonderful Springtime is not far away…

Last week in the February sunshine, a pair of loved-up Wood Pigeons had started to build their nest in the tree …

… but despite their continuing to collect small branches for their new abode, they’ve almost agreed to put their prenatal plans on hold.

There is a definite dispute …

… despite the freezing weather, Mrs. Pigeon would like to continue home-making, but Mr. Pigeon is not over-enthusiastic about DIY in the depths of a snow storm …

What’s your opinion ? Should Mrs. Pigeon delay her nest-building ideas ? …

February has been a challenging month for me, and March looks like being much the same !

But I’ve tried to keep up with entering some online charity photo shows, because it is a hobby I can share with my friend who is a stroke survivor.

On her behalf, I upload to facebook, her pictures of Jasper the cat, and, although we have to limit ourselves to just a few shows, they are great fun and in aid of good causes.

Here are some recent results …

Jasper : ‘special rosette’ awarded in the class for ‘Pet with Favourite Toy’ in aid of Stokenchurch Dog Rescue …

Sapphire : 10th place in a huge class arranged in aid of funds for a Prostate Cancer charity.

The theme was ‘Something Blue’ so Sapphire posed with the blue Alien character from Toy Story.

Pictured with the pretty heathers .. Neptune : 1st place in a class for ‘Favourite Photo’ in a show raising funds for a dog rescue charity based in Romania.

Are you all keeping warm … away from dangerous snowy weather ?

At home here, there is enough dog food and budgie seed to last several months, so no panic buying required … bring on the snow storms …

Stay safe and healthy everyone. x x x

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Oh crumbs! Even you Terra! Never mind...what do they say...”In like a Lion......”

28 Feb, 2018


you have every right to be pleased with your photographic skills. these are lovely. well done you.

28 Feb, 2018


Hi Karen ...
Keep safe in all that snow !
Thanks Seaburngirl ...
I'm lucky that my pets pose nicely for me !

28 Feb, 2018


Keep warm and safe, Terra, all of you.

28 Feb, 2018


Thanks Siris... love your blog with all the penguin pics and other creatures.

28 Feb, 2018


Ah that's nice to see Terra, gorgeous photo's congratulations to Neptune , Sapphire, Jaspar and of course yourself for helping to raise the money for the charities..Garden looked lovely, I guess its now pristine and white now...

28 Feb, 2018


Congratulations on your successes, all of you. The garden was looking lovely and I can't wait to see what pops up once all that white stuff disappears. I think Mrs Pigeon should wait awhile. It will be pretty cold sitting in a nest open to the elements.

28 Feb, 2018


Hi Scotsgran... thanks, very pleased with our photo results, and for such good causes ...
yes ... good advice for Mrs. Pigeon !

28 Feb, 2018


Lovely photos of your pets and June's cat and congratulations to them all on winning to make money for charities :) x

and your garden photos are nice to see in this cold weather. I hope some spring weather will arrive soon.

Keep warm. There's no snow here yet but when the wind changes to the south or west I think we'll get some.


28 Feb, 2018


Thanks Hywel ... I'm delighted with the photo show results ... the charities are all very special.
Blizzards are due in Wales soon, so I hope that you and Beryl keep warm and safe, and that Bella doesn't expect you to make too many trips down the garden in the snow !

28 Feb, 2018


lol :) Bella will have to go down the garden on her own xxx

28 Feb, 2018


Good to see you again and all your family,love the photo of Neptune, so handsome, keep safe and warm...

1 Mar, 2018


Lovely photos and blog TT,keep safe and warm team terra.

1 Mar, 2018


A lovely selection of photos Terra.
Hope you are making the most of an 'indoors' time at the moment. Stay warm and snuggly.
It will soon be spring like again, I do hope so anyway.

1 Mar, 2018


Beautiful photo's, very pretty cat and budgies are so endearing, but it's not a surprise that Neptune won 1st prize. As for the pigeons I hope he talked her out of it, February is a bit early for nesting!

1 Mar, 2018


Great blog again, TT! The photos are very good! I think Neptune is really the star of the show! After the first photos of your plants flowering so well I expected to see them all under a blanket of snow!

We have had a sprinkling of snow here - nothing to write home about though! The temps on the other hand have been terrible & I doubt some of my plants will come through the -6C temps we had during Wednesday evening! This wan't even the night time low but from about 8pm till about 11pm!

Please keep warm & your lovely pets too!

1 Mar, 2018


Great to see your springtime show its a credit to you its so cheary and welcoming. Good to see the efforts you and your friend have made have been rewarded with some winning results.

2 Mar, 2018


Your garden looks mint. I especially love the first photo with the white river rocks and that purple bush. I'd give Sapphire the blue ribbon as well. The wood pigeons should definitely continuing making house. Spring is just about here though it doesn't seem so. They'll be ahead of the game.

4 Mar, 2018


Thanks Balcony, Stroller and Bathgate for commenting here... my latest blog explains the internet problems I had during March ... now solved ...

Bathgate ... the wood pigeons and blackbirds have both made nests, despite the bad weather...

1 Apr, 2018


Nice to have you back Terratoonie. I love your wood pigeons and I haven't seen them anyplace else. The storms were wreaking havoc on my wifi as well. Happy Easter Sunday! I have mockingbirds building a nest in my Junipers, though more snow was predicted for today.

1 Apr, 2018


Great to see you back again, TT! I'd been wondering why we hadn't hears any news from you in what seemed like a very long time! Off to read your blog now. Take care & happy gardening. ?

1 Apr, 2018


Great blog. I'm afraid I only just found it. I'm not surprised that all the photos were placed. Neptune looks magnificent.
Not a very nice Easter here weather wise, rain again all day( E. Monday) but did manage to get in the garden on Sunday for a few hours & dug out the compost heap,
Pleased about that as not done for two years.

2 Apr, 2018


Hi Bathgate ... Mockingbirds nest sounds fascinating !

Thanks Balcony .. all we need now is some better weather... ha ha

Hello Feverfew ... thank you ... Truffle has also done well lately in the photo shows .. I must find some pics of him to include in a future blog.

Good luck with that compost !

4 Apr, 2018


Must have missed this one Terra. So nice to hear from you and to see the pets again. Truffle looks absolutely wonderful - good thing he clearly enjoys being brushed! A well deserved win there.

6 Apr, 2018


Thanks Stera ..
Gardens are now finally waking up to springtime !

7 Apr, 2018

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