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I must admit to having been in league with David for several weeks lately, regarding Toto’s adventures.
We schemed and researched ! Such intricate planning and timing !

David’s wonderful blogs on parks and garden history, show what amazing things can be achieved on GoY, especially with the new user-friendly way to write blogs.

Composing this blog has been an education for me. I’m happy for any member to message me for hints on how to go about writing a blog. I’ll try to help if I can. :o)
For photography in this blog, special thanks must go to my friend, Bertie Bassett lookalike, Mr CLAPTRAP ~ that’s short for ~ Clever Liquorice Allsorts Person ~ Terratoonie’s Royal Appointment Paparazzi.

Mr Claptrap provided most of the photos for this blog, emailing them to me daily, during recent stressful times, to keep up my spirits.
He is currently slightly out of sorts ~ out of Allsorts ?
I wish him a speedy convalescence. :o)

Some of you have already seen on GoY three of my photos relevant to this blog ~ Flower Pot Toddlers in a garden ~ Mr Claptrap taking paparazzi pictures ~ and the third photo he was especially lucky to snap ~ of Toto’s capture by the Flower Pot People.

Sightings of Toto have since been posted by Gee19 and others ~
At one point, in a doll’s house, Toto was spotted on TV. Then another time, Toto was seen again in Gee’s garden, but quickly disappeared. More recently, David wrote a blog because James and Eilidh were hunting for Toto high and low.
Here’s the story of Toto’s disappearance. Enjoy :o)



Poor Toto was taken
By Flower Pot Folk.
You think I’m mistaken?
I’m not. It’s no joke.

Just look at that photo ~
No shame and no guilt.
They grabbed David’s Toto
From under his kilt !

They raided his garden
And hoisted a crane.
With no ‘Beg your pardon’
Sped off down the lane.

The deed it was shady
They took David’s chocs.
That Flower Pot Lady
She stole every box.

The journey was gruesome,
By skateboard and train,
And then this odd twosome
Jumped onto a plane.

With Twirls on the menu
They stopped for a meal,
And here’s the next venue ~
Millennium Wheel.

She chose Toto’s headwear ~
A shiny brown pot,
And then out of nowhere
Revealed a big yacht.

My pal, Mr Claptrap
Took photos galore !
With ancient O.S. map,
He hid by the shore.

The plants and the flowers
Concealed him from view.
He shivered for hours,
His Allsorts turned blue :o( !

Then armed with choc. finger
And dog that she stole,
With no time to linger,
Last stop ~ the North Pole !

Sad Toto ! So shocking !
No parties, no pubs !
No Santa, no stocking !
Just polar bear cubs. :o(

Best wishes we’re sending
To Eilidh’s brave dog.
But what is the ending ?
That’s in my next blog :o)

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One word for this blog - brilliant!

11 Dec, 2008


~well done TT~
~ can't wait for the next instalment!

11 Dec, 2008


brilliant TT

11 Dec, 2008


Absolute brill blog, loved reading it.

11 Dec, 2008


Thanks to all four. I learnt a lot about how to make blogs while writing this one. :o)

11 Dec, 2008


Now we're all in suspense. What will the next blog reveal ? :o)
That was grerat TT !

11 Dec, 2008


I've told Blodyn how the story ends, but she's keeping it a secret. Lol. :o)

11 Dec, 2008



11 Dec, 2008


well done to you it was brilliant

11 Dec, 2008


Good blog TT, well done. I have wished I put some of my pics in a blog, will have to have a go!

11 Dec, 2008


Hi Mary ~
I'm pleased you like this.:o)
Hello Pottygardener ~
Your pics would look good in a blog.
I'll help if you have any questions. :o)

11 Dec, 2008


Choc-full of humour, and clues, too. Brilliant! >(:o) (This is my attempt at a "Rudolph" smiley)

11 Dec, 2008


You did it well, David! (:o)>

That is Santa, by the way, to go with Rudoph, in case you didn't recognise him..

11 Dec, 2008


Fab blog TT. Now I'm not going to be able to sleep for thinking about the next episode. o<0:o)

11 Dec, 2008


great blog T.T must have taken ages to set up the photos.............steve

12 Dec, 2008


TT ~ see latest photo "Its cold here"

12 Dec, 2008


Gilli ~
I'll hop over to see your photo in a moment.
Thank you :o)

12 Dec, 2008


Yes, Steve, it did take a very long time to put the photos on GoY. You did well with your blog and photos. Let me know if you need any more advice.
Not yet sure whether I will write the second part of this ....

12 Dec, 2008


David ~
I'm pleased you enjoyed it

12 Dec, 2008


Spritz ~

12 Dec, 2008


Another great blog TT :)

12 Dec, 2008


Janette ~
I'm glad to know you enjoyed it :o)

12 Dec, 2008


Not sure if Toto a boy or a girl ,
Maybe its that which causes a TWIRL,
Perhaps heading skywards toward the stars,

Is there a BOUNTY on Totos head ?
Needing a BOOST to keep getting fed,
Surrounded by chocs getting the MUNCHIES,
Cannot return due to credit CRUNCHIE.

Alone and forlorn TWIX rock and a hard place,
Do we need posters to recognise face?
Is there a chance we ll get a reply
Or has Toto been ' stuffed ' by goy ?

14 Dec, 2008


~if we are real SMARTIES we will hatch up a plan!

14 Dec, 2008


He's one of the boys ~
You can tell by his 'tache
And the way he enjoys
His Cadburys Smash.

But aliens from Mars
Won't drive Toto home.
No Mini Rolls cars,
With the chauffeur a gnome.

To find out the fate
For this poor little dog,
Please make a firm date
With my follow-up blog. :o)

And Arlene ~
THEN we'll have some parties
with our smarties. :o)

14 Dec, 2008


I think you GOYs are all CRACKERs JACK! lol
Very well done terratoonie. I see you are a hit. I wrestled my addiction with the rhyming sickness. I watched The Wizard of Oz 45 times sound turned down with the Pink Floyd album 'Dark Side Of The Moon' playing loudly simultaneously to the movie. It worked!

Ah did you eat all that candy yet? I would not mind a finger!

15 Dec, 2008


Second episode of the tales of Toto is in the pipeline.
Sorry, Pinkfloyd, I ate all the chocolate fingers,but I have a chocolate Twirl bar here. How about that ?

Do you have Maltesers in Canada ? I seem to recall in the USA, they have something called Malted Milk Balls, which look like Maltesers but taste very different. :o(

15 Dec, 2008


Yes terratoonie we have Maltesers, they were a fav for my folks when they had Bridge night at the home. I love them. The U. S. of A. carries a lot of candy that we can not get here however we can get mostly everything your country sells over the counter. There are stores here dedicated to just English goods and wares. Cadbury is common here too.

15 Dec, 2008


Second part of Toto story now on GoY :o)

17 Dec, 2008


great blog thank you

26 Jan, 2009


Hello Donnah ~
I'm glad you enjoyed reading this.
My next blog #7 tells the second part of the story :o)

26 Jan, 2009


Wonderful ROFL....

1 Jul, 2009



1 Jul, 2009


lol i really enjoyed that TT, very amusing i must say , going to read next one now, cant wait to see what happened :o))

25 Jul, 2009


Hello San...
I'm pleased you enjoyed the story so far....... Lol.

26 Jul, 2009


:o)) i did

26 Jul, 2009

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