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It is always veg. no dig belief is very strong . I am possesed by what I think of as the peasant gene.

I'm looking for where I may buy some fishmeal (retail)? In the last year my long time source has ceased to exist
july 09. Since I last wrote i have spent a considerable amount of time seeking out (without success) fishmeal, and hoof&horn. Along the way i have found that one manufacturer's FBandB contains 46%sand.
The rest of the conpound is composed of rock phosphate ammonium sulphate and potassium choride, together with fish meal, bone meal and dried blood.
No mention is made on the carton of the close to 50% sand content.whether the sand is there to "cut" the phosphate or to bulk the product is a question which needs addressing. An academic review is going to be held,. I quote a letter from my local Environmental Officer.
"I understand that the opinions of an academic specialist at a University are being sought and this matter is being referred through Regional and National panels, to arrive at a determination which will be taken to all in the industry"
I have been informed that this review will take some time, in the mean time while the shelves are full of FB&B there is no fish meal or hoof&horn for sale.

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