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Fraud and Fish meal

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In my search for fishmeal I have discovered that one of the of the FB@B compounds on the market (a well known brand) contains 46% sand. There is no mention of this important information on the carton. The manufacturer informs me that the active ingredients are fish meal, bone meal, dried blood, together with rock phosphate, ammonium sulphate,potassium chloride. He chooses not to mention the sand or why it is there.

Some have suggested to me that the sand is there to assist in the application of the product. I consider this explaination fatuous. I fear it is there to “cut” the powerful chemicals. That it bulks the product to near twice its volume means that the customer is buying sand at a £ a lb.

After a series of letters to my MP, DEFRA and my local authority (Merton) I was informed on the 22nd May that, here I quote my local Environmental Officer

“I understand that the opinions of an academic specialist at a University are now being sought and this matter is being referred through Regional and National panels, to arrive at a determination which will be taken to all the industry.”

He goes on to say that this process will take some time and that he will let me know the outcome.

This sand/chemical fertiliser mix, with its flavouring of FB&B has being going on for quite some time. Will these cold business men give up this lovely earner easily?. that is like asking a banker to give up his unearned pension.

I would be so grateful if my fellow gardeners contacted their local Environmental Officer showed them my Blog and requested them to obtain an analysis of the FB&B sold in their allotment shops

more on thiis anon.

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ooh this is naughty. I xcan understand to a degree if sand added is for the application preocess, but it should be stated in the "ingrediants"
why so much of it, I mean 46% as we all know is nearly half the contents!!

I sahll put this on my to do list straight away

x x x

22 Jul, 2009

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