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naughty in the garden


By swanky


Yesterday i made breakfast as i always do on a Sunday and packed my husband of to play golf, After doing a few household chores i thought i would tackle some pruning of the shrubs in my garden before the rain came.I started to cut back the Mock Orange[philadelphus] a little late i know,Then came the Kerrias turn…this has gone rampant i pulled and pulled and cut and chopped then move on across the bottom of the garden cutting and trimming everything in reach,untill i found i needed the LONGHANDLED pruners!!! to tidy the Lilac and the Eucalyptus trees,NOW enought is enought so i sat down on the bench under the willow tree with a nice drink of cramberry juice,as i sat there thinking how well i had done i saw on the ground with all the cuttings NINE small plums on a branch now we dont have a plum tree so were did they come from?Yes youve guessed right ive cut them off next door tree!!…….So as quick as a flash i picked them up and took them inside washed them and sat on the patio to taste my find ,they were soft juicey and absolutely delicious .DID i feel a little Naughty!!/……Yes .

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lol i laughed when i read what you had done , well there was no point in binning them so you did right to enjoy your ill gotten gains lol

27 Jul, 2009


LOL great 2 hear they didnt go 2 waste :) lol

27 Jul, 2009


Nice one Swanky......waste not, want not I say..

27 Jul, 2009


Tut, tut, tut, swanky how could you? Lol :-))

27 Jul, 2009


I'm glad you enjoyed them - well you had to hide the evidence didn't you :o)

28 Jul, 2009


This made me laugh. Good job the neighbour didn't peer over the fence and catch you with the 'loot' :)

29 Jul, 2009


Lol...Love it!

6 Aug, 2009



12 Aug, 2009


You naughty girl !!!! lol

3 Sep, 2009

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