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Horrible Day


I am sorry to say that my day has been horrible. I know that I should be positive and try to see the good things that happened, but there were rather a lot of nasties! First, I woke up in the early hours and was unable to get back to sleep. When I saw the light creeping round the edges of the curtains, I decided to creep down and get my camera to record the sunrise – so here’s a photo of what it looked like from my front door.

You can see the path which strangely, does not go all the way to the gate – I don’t know why. We can’t afford to buy matching weathered limestone to complete it, we’ve checked at the Reclamation Yard!…The old weeping Ash tree stands out in silhouette – with my friend the Wood pigeon perched on top!

I decided to take Henry for his walk before breakfast – we arrived back around 8 a.m. A 3-mile walk before breakfast – unheard of for me! Then the worst bit happened. I told you that my Ceanothus thyrsiflorus had inexplicably died back – well, half of it. I had started cutting it back yesterday and carried on this morning. My husband came out to help and – OOOOh dear – he accidentally cut through two big live branches. I was very upset – I had already managed to bump my nose and get a twig in my eye so I am not sure which tears were for which! Then I found IT.

My first reaction was ‘Honey Fungus’ – but I’ve checked for all the other signs under the bark and round the roots – nothing, no smell of mushrooms either. I also googled it, and the pictures of the Fungus look nothing like mine. So I have my fingers crossed.

I told my husband that he’d have to buy me a new Ceanothus to plant further along the bank where the dead branches used to be…and we went out in the rain and got one! (Funnily enough, I also found three white Delphiniums….) I couldn’t plant them, though because it was raining buckets – look positive, good for the garden -.

It could have been worse, but it was NOT a good day, was it?

I shall feel better tomorrow when I plant my new Ceanothus and Delphiniums. I hope I don’t get to see the sun rise again, though. – forecast is some sunshine to start the day…..

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Wishing you many, many better days Spritz.

1 Mar, 2008


Sorry about your ceanothus,but was,nt the sunrise lovely ,better luck with your new Ceanothus .

1 Mar, 2008


Beautiful picture , I love to see a sunrise , im always grateful for the gift of another day . Hope you have a better day tomorrow x x

1 Mar, 2008


Hope tomorrow is better for you!

1 Mar, 2008


. Sorry to hear about your bad day Spritz. My partner is a city fella and death to my plants, he burnt my climbing roses that were to act as a screen by lighting a bonfire too close, let the chickens out and they ate my clematis, even a lovely full bin of black gold - compost was not safe, he used it to fill a hole in our admittedly uneven garden, before siting the new compost bins he made over it LOL Good job I love him!

2 Mar, 2008


Poor you Spritz. Not the best of days but I hope yesterday went better and the planting of the new plants went ahead (injury free!!)
As weemama said each day is a gift although sometimes it feels like that gift contained rotten fish even that would be good for your garden over time!
Take heart my friend

2 Mar, 2008

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