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A Better Day


Thanks for the sympathy about my bad day! I’m up-dating you on what the poor Ceanothus looks like and that the new one is IN -which did cheer me up! Here is a picture which gives some indication of the size the Ceanothus had grown – about 12’ wide and 8’ high! So beautiful when it was in bloom, as you can imagine..

This is the ‘good’ side of what’s left, that you can see when walking towards the back of the garden. Luckily, it was the ‘other’ side that died. Henry is there because I fed the remains of the poor shrub with blood, fish and bone – so he’s interested, of course.

But round the other side, sadly, it looks like this.

However, as I told you, my husband bought me a new baby one and I planted it alongside the wreckage – with a large gap to allow for growth!

I have been busy all afternoon up on the bank under the Weeping Pear tree, because I can now get to the undergrowth that has grown behind the old Ceanothus – I couldn’t reach it before. It’s mostly Ivy and goosegrass plus a few brambles of course, but there’s also a considerable growth of Lamium galeobdolon (variegated yellow deadnettle) which has thrived! I also discovered a long neglected Buddleja tucked away at the back by the fence. Not sure how that has survived and it will be getting major surgery now I’ve found it! So I have got stuck in and have averted my eyes from the devastation. Definitely a better day.

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Im glad you are feeling better

1 Mar, 2008


Watch out for that yellow deadnettle - it will want to cover all of Somerset. If you ever come across a variety called "Herman's Pride", it is MUCH better behaved

1 Mar, 2008


Thanks for that. I shall be looking for some ground cover or interesting plants to brighten up the blank and empty area now exposed! At present, the deadnettle can stay!

1 Mar, 2008


I should read all the posts before I type!! Glad you had a better day

2 Mar, 2008

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