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Out-of-season flowers


My mouth fell open when I got out of my car this morning. There. right by my feet, was a group of violets in flower!

Their leaves are a bit tatty, but getting down on my knees to take their photo, the flowers are so lovely even though they are tiny.
This blog is really a continuation of the interesting one on Narcissi flowering so early! I found several more flowers which should not be there in the winter.

What is this Aubrieta doing, flowering on a frosty morning in December?

And why has this Erigeron suddenly decided to have another go?

This Calendula is self-sown, and is welcome to do so, but I usually admire them in the summer and autumn, never this late.

My hardy Osteospermums must be shivering in the cold – but they are still lovely flowers – but aren’t they usually summer flowers?

There are several more plants still in flower – an alpine dianthus along with two alpine friends whose names I can’t remember, some Diascia, Antirrhinums, Penstemons, Alyssum saxatile, and Primroses (early for next year, I guess) Finally, one of my new Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ plants has decided to show itself, complete with buds – will they flower too?
Maybe on Christmas Day?

I checked my Hellebores – and yes, the H.Niger (Christmas Rose)has lovely fat white buds – so it will open in time to keep the Rudbeckia company!

What have you got in your garden that should not be in flower? I’d love to know….

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hi Spritz i also have a few that are very early or very late not sure which. i have Geum 'Mrs J Bradshaw' still in full bloom, i also have a 'Doris' Pink (Dianthus) in flower, several geraniums still going strong (although they have now been moved to the greenhouse and pourch), and i have a climbing rose that has just finished flowering last week and still has buds on it - although after the cold weather these last few days i doubt the new buds will make it into full bloom. i do also have some violets which are in bud but none have opened yet. i also have some bellis daisy in full bloom although i think they do flower quite late anyway, don't they?

12 Dec, 2007


I have cut my rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' back early this year but last autumn it flowered at the nomal time and then in November started again!

12 Dec, 2007


Yes, majeeka, Bellis daisies will go right through the winter, like winter pansies. I've still got roses out (the climbers), now you mention it. Too high up to take their photos - I haven't got a telephoto lense! lol. Sorry to hear you got flu too. Hope you feel better soon. What's out in your garden, Andrew? Anything that shouldn't be?

12 Dec, 2007


thanks spritz, we are all feeling a bit better today, would rather get it out of the way now than have it in a couple of weeks time. the only thing that is a bit of a shame is that 'little monster' has missed all her christmas parties from her play groups, and now that she is feeling better she is very board! and getting up to naughty tricks, and i dare not take her out in the subzero temps at the mo, as she also had a chest infection with her dose of flue! so we are still stuck indoors but i much prefer the naughty christmas tree vandelising, trying to unwrap her pressies when she thinks i'm not looking and endless artist impressions with her paints all over the place to the laying around with a high temp! lol - hopefully will get her out and about again next week, take her to see santa or something! lol

13 Dec, 2007


We had a really heavy fromst last night but I've just checked and the following have flowers on. Abutilon megapotanicum is still flowering, a couple of penstemons, potentilla alba (this is a herbaceous one that seems to flower three times per year!), daphne mezereum, clematis viticiella 'Venosa Violacea' (still!), rosa 'The Fairy' (although the few flowers left are pretty battered now), a cyclamen (I think it's repandum which is a mid spring flowerer), polygala chamaebuxus alba (usually in bloom in April), red campion and primroses

13 Dec, 2007


I'm not familiar with the polygala, so I'm about to look it up...Interesting set of flowers out, though! majeeka - I know she's gong through the terrible twos, but it doesn't last long, and at least you can laugh.... well done! glad you're both a bit better.

13 Dec, 2007


I'd have called polygala an alpine but the books tell me it is a shrub, albeit a miniature one (it is only a few inches tall). Although hardy, it's not too tolerant of excessive winter wet so I'm growing it under some trellis with a small clematis on it where it seems quite happy as it was planted four years ago

14 Dec, 2007


Hi Spritz. Thought I'd let you know that our annual rudbeckia "Toto" is still in full swing, as well as 2 tall sunflowers, which we did not grow but appeared from some bought compost for containers. We are still also picking bell peppers in the cold greenhouse (but they lasted the same last year).

14 Dec, 2007


Good gracious David! Well worth planting, then! I found some buds on an alpine Veronica this morning, it looks as though they will open - can't believe it! I shall take their photo when/if they do open. I shan't believe it in future years looking at my December file on my laptop, it will look like March/April!

15 Dec, 2007


My lovely black violets have not stopped flowering yet. I cannot give the name because they appeared in my garden from nowhere.

Plus my 'Citrus' Nasturtium are still covered in flowers with plenty of buds still to open.

Our tulips are also bursting through the soil.

I know this is the south coast but...still!

19 Dec, 2007


You lucky thing Kez. Black violets are fab!!
Welcome to GOY by the way

19 Dec, 2007

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