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I'm a near 40yr old who is fanatical about gardening. I live near southampton.

I am lucky to have a 100ft garden which I am passionate about. This garden also has to accomodate my husband, 5 children, 1 dog and 2 cats.

I am a sun worshipper so a patio was always a must although this is quite small. Plus my family and I love barbequing which also takes place there.

Along the left hand side of my garden we grow flowers in a long bed which is definately in the cottage garden style. We try not to grow anything that is not cottage. When all the poppies are out, this is glorious.

Along the right hand side is my enclosed veg patch - my passion. I adore growing veg and we all adore eating them We try to involve the kids as much as possible in harvesting and especially eating the produce raw.

The last 1/4 of the garden is surrounded by 60ft Leyland Cypress. This is where the children play and my compost heaps are situated.

Our dog has proved that dogs and grass dont mix so my husband this year, at my insistance, stripped the grass and put in rough crazy paving which has really set off the cottage garden feel.

Our soil is terrible, really heavy clay which is why we have to produce mountains of compost and dig tonnes of manure in.

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