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Parsnip oozing white milk


By Kezwez

United Kingdom Gb

I like to grow parsnips yearly, especially to eat xmas day. Few parsnips germenated this year so I didn't pull any until xmas eve. They looked lovely. However, when I came to cook them on xmas day, they were oozing 'white milk' so I composted them. Does anyone know why this happened and how can I avoid a parsnip free xmas dinner next year?

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I have looked through every book I can find on veg problems, but there is no mention of a 'white milk' There is a problem called Soft rot which causes them to rot in store. The outside can look ok, but the insides disintegrate, but you would see that when you prepared them.
So, was the milk there before cooking or after?

30 Dec, 2007


Thanks for looking.
I stored the parsnips in the fridge overnight in a paper bag and it was when I came to prepare them for cooking, I discovered the 'white milk'.

4 Jan, 2008

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