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To cheer me up on a miserable day!


It’s wet and windy down here in Somerset, so I decided to look at bright and cheerful photos of my tubs. I thought you might enjoy looking at them too.

This trough was given to me, with three other containers, by a kind person on ‘Freecycle’. By the way, if you don’t belong to your local group, please join via ‘’ to save all sorts going to landfill!! I filled it with cheerful Winter Pansies, and I’ve just learned their latin name…

I own several old chimney pots, and grow plants in plastic pots inside them. Two of differing heights live in the (open) porch. The taller one has Cyclamen, a small grass and two Hypericums in it at the moment.

The shorter one has Cyclamen and a baby Euonymus.

I have so many tubs and troughs that it’s hard to choose which ones to show you, but I like the colours in this green ceramic pot.

I am not so sure about the rather bright colours in this pot, but it does stand out, especially on days like today!

I wish I could have hanging baskets as I know many of you do, and I used to back in the previous house, but our house is listed, and we are not allowed to attach anything to the walls…Perhaps that’s why this Pansy is weeping…no, it’s just the rain again.

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Hi spritz, I have just gone and joined my local freecycle group. Thanks for pointing it out.

6 Dec, 2007


Hi spritz, what lovely cheerful pics. I tried to join my area Freecycle, but cannot seem to get access. You have shown, however, that it really works.

6 Dec, 2007


They are all lovely and cheery Spritz (and I like the yellow one!!) In French, pansies are pensées which means little thoughts - just "though" it was nice!

6 Dec, 2007


Hi spritz, love the pics, and have cheered me up on windy and rainy day, added to which my daughter has been ill so have also been up all night! your bright pansies are a lovely sight, like you i have had to settle for pots and no baskets, ours is not a listed building tho - more i am not allowed as my dad recently had our house rendered for us (kind daddy!) i have some lovely pots of pansies which i have also planted some tulips and daffs in - maybe i'll include some photos too.

7 Dec, 2007


Yes, mine all have bulbs hidden in their depths! Mostly I use 'Tete a Tete and other miniature Narcissi, and short Tulips, Muscari and Scillas - oh and Chionodoxa too, as the wind is so strong here, taller bulbs tend to break and the smaller ones cope better. Great when their shoots appear, makes me look forward to spring!

7 Dec, 2007


Lovely colours and schemes to offset the grey season. Sue and I have recently winter planted our pots, but flowers are yet to come. I'll post pic's when they show.

9 Dec, 2007


dear fritz... your plants / flowers are lovely I really hope that I have a larger space .. I could only keeping orchids ...

6 Aug, 2009


Thank you. Have you seen my orchids, Mariv0827? I posted a blog with photos of some of them last month!

Welcome to GOY.

6 Aug, 2009


Lovely blog Spritz, I must get more containers:-)

19 Oct, 2009


Ah-ha! So you've been surfing the archives, have you? Thank you.

I shall have to write another one for this winter, won't I! My containers are all planted differently this year.

Yes - containers really cheer the place up in the winter months! I can't fit any more

19 Oct, 2009


Yes, I went on container ideas I think:-)

19 Oct, 2009


Yes, Spritz, you must update us on how to cheer ourselves up with winter containers, that would be great!

Otherwise, we'll just have to come on here and gawp at your wonderful examples!!! :-O

20 Oct, 2009


Your containers are ideal for cheering up grey days.
I agree with you on the freecycle groups though in my area they have altered the title to "freegle". Maybe that's why sone people can't access it

20 Oct, 2009


Our groups are talking about that, as well. What difference does it make, Pip??

I might do a blog later on, David. Anyway - you can do it yourself! It's only very new gardeners who need help, isn't it??

21 Oct, 2009


No, some of us, obviously not an expert like me ahem, never really went in for containers and besides when you don't garden for some years it's very easy to lose confidence. So come on Spritz:-))

22 Oct, 2009


Oooohhh.....I only wrote a blog yesterday! I'll do one errr....soon. ;-)

22 Oct, 2009



22 Oct, 2009

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