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Crazy Weather - Where's the Summer?


The wind is screaming outside and the rain is pouring – sideways – due to the gale blowing! I did manage to prune my two Weigelas this morning in beween showers, but Henry and I got very wet on our walk and it’s more like autumn out there now. So where’s the summer? I shall try to cheer myself up and show you some photos to prove that the summer flowers are there as usual – even if some of them are propped up or lying flat at the moment. My pots and tubs are in full bloom. Here’s one. I hope that it meets Andrew’s colour criteria!

The Lysimachia ciliata ‘Firecracker’ which has given me lots of lovely dark leaves as a contrast to other flowers until now has begun to show its yellow flowers. I really prefer the foliage without the flowers, to tell the truth!

The Honeysuckles are in full bloom and although I can’t go and sniff them at this moment, I know that they do have a wonderful fragrance – unique to them.

Unfortunately, the beautiful Rose on the arch over the steps into the garden is not fragrant, but she is still beautiful and I admire her every day. Her name is ‘Ballerina’

Across the lawn from our Garden Room is my wide border – it is just beginning to bloom with red, orange and yellow tones – plus a few white plants for contrast and to ‘cool’ it down. There’s a creamy yellow Anthemis there, in full bloom, called ‘Sauce Hollandaise’.

So the summer flowers are out and I suppose they are being watered (as well as battered!) They haven’t been too put off by this CRAZY weather, anyway. However, I am not too sure why my winter-flowering Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’ has decided to flower now – in July – it has an open flower and twelve buds!

I really hope that this is not a portent – does this Clematis know something that we don’t???

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The rain was coming down in buckets full here alday till this afternoon, then we got some sunshine but it was windy with it, now we have some very dark clouds in the sky, and it keeps thundering, infact i think im going to get of this laptop, dont know if you can use them while its thundering.

5 Jul, 2008


Hi Spritz,
Your photos meet any colour criteria- they are lovely.
The weather here in Bristol has been exactly the same today. High winds and lashing rain!. We even opened our garden for a private visit.......All part of the gardeners diary. We have to take the rough with the smooth!
Best wishes from
Grenville and Alan.

5 Jul, 2008


A good choice, Clarice.
We don't want anything to happen to you, or your laptop, cause then you would be unable to visit ! I am sorry to hear the weather is so bad for you and spritzhenry, try to think about all the nice flowers you'll have when it clears up !

5 Jul, 2008


You folks are not alone. It's exactly the same here as you say across the pond. It hasn't stopped raining here since 9 pm last night. The wind that comes up is something else too. I think we have ourselves a wet summer. With all this rain for weeks now it's amazing that everything is blooming.

Spritz... I agree with you about the Lysimachia ciliata. I have some and I too like it better without the flowers.

5 Jul, 2008


Ooops looks like I over did it with the weather satellite will take a week to fine tune .With apologies to all outside Somerset / Avon but if you must collude with agents Spritz and Grenville...

5 Jul, 2008


Sorry about your weather guys. Perhaps you'd better all move to Hungary, but then you'd complain of the heat. Actually we are getting some respite this summer because every few days we get a thunderstorm that cools things off a bit, and the dry spells have not been too long (still need to water the garden though).
Hope it improves for you all soon and you get some proper summer.

5 Jul, 2008


Is this dreadful weather all 'Bonkers' fault again?.Is there another evil plan being hatched...... Can you warn 'M' again please Spritz? We may need to take evasive action!

5 Jul, 2008


Your rose arch is beautiful :o) We've managed to avoid any of the extreme wether that others have recieved - it's a drizzly Sunday here today but I'm about to go out in shorts and a mac to get a bit of weeding done.

6 Jul, 2008


I know precisely what is causing all this bad weather.
Until a few yeasrs ago, we had the Met Office here in Bracknell and, apart from the odd hiccup like the 1987 storm, the weather did what it was supposed to do. Then they upped sticks and moved to Exeter and it hasn't been right since. Mind you, we don't get the weather they tested before they sent it out to the rest of the country now :-)

6 Jul, 2008

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