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A Little Miracle in Somerset!


After a whole day of rain I looked up at the window and saw the sun shining on the old Ash tree and the Horse Chestnut by the gate to the garden. I rushed upstairs to take a photo of this rare phenomenon.

And there above the garden was the miracle! A double rainbow, the whole arc glowing across our garden with the end in the field across the lane.

What a wonderful sight to lift my spirits after such a dreary day! I couldn’t get the whole rainbow in one photo but the other end was shining on our neighbours’ Poplar trees.

I gazed and gazed – I could see that it was raining outside but the sun was behind the house out of view and I had that wonderful rainbow to look at.

It seemed to me to be a symbol of hope for tomorrow after feeling so despondent today. It didn’t last long of course, but I am so pleased that I looked out of the window at the right time.
At 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening – a miracle happened in Somerset!

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Thanks Spritz for these lovely photos and the rainbow is stunning. Please send up the better weather to Bristol. Its just after 9.30pm Wednesday evening and the rain is still falling, the skies are grey and everything in the garden is totally saturated. We have had well over an inch of rain today, and we had to do a rescue mission on some of our pots that were becoming waterlogged.....its so frustrating as we cant do any proper gardening at the moment. Lets hope for better weather soon, Your photos have cheered me up!

9 Jul, 2008


I saw a strange rainbow in Bracknell-on-Sea on Monday (well, we will soon be on the coast if this wet weather continues). Around 5pm we had a HUGE thunderstorm for about 5 minutes and then a FLAT rainbow at the bottom of the road. Not an arc, just flat. Rushed indoors for the camera but by the time I'd got it, the thing had disappeared

9 Jul, 2008


Wow its so Beautiful Spritz :)

9 Jul, 2008


What Ozsome pics, Spritz! Many thanks for capturing this beauty. Our kids will love them when I show them these tomorrow! hope the weather improves for you all there. Best Wishes!

9 Jul, 2008


Great pics, Hope it portents better weather for "your neck of the woods" Good luck!

10 Jul, 2008


brilliant pics spritz, hope the weather has improved for you, still raining over here in ireland, seems to be no end in sight of all this rain

10 Jul, 2008


Great picture!

I was showing this picture to a 4 year, excuse me, 4 years and 3 months old and she told me that it’s the leprechaun’s who cause the rain so they can move from place to place on them (the rainbows) and find their pot of gold. She thinks the leprechauns are having a festival or maybe a Quidditch match (she loves Harry Potter).

10 Jul, 2008


Wonderful pictures. Isn't is amazing how something like this can lift the spirits so? Makes us feel as though all is well.

10 Jul, 2008


great pics. pourd here all day yesterday & all last nite r garden is like a bog. but hey ther has 2 b sum sunshine round the corner.

10 Jul, 2008

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