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The mission for the Somerset Mafia was to find and destroy the bug in the Garden at 28 Kensington Road! So ‘M’ and Spritz bravely set off on their arduous journey. At last they came to the traffic laden City called Bristol – the traffic lights were all red – the sign for DANGER.! Should they abort their mission? No – the trusty ‘Jane’ – the voice of their helper on the SAT-NAV – told them that they had reached their destination!
Greeted by Grenville and Alan, gifts were given – but the pots were carefully inspected for ‘more’ bugs.

But Grenville explained that the spy frog had not been seen for some time. There could be another spy in the garden! He was worried.

We got to work checking every nook and cranny. Are those really goldfish in your pond, or are they Pirhanas? Are you certain?

Who is that? Is he listening?

Is that a Lily or a concealed microphone – it needs checking. Ah yes, it smells wonderful. It must be clear.!

Is that an eye peering at us from behind the wood? There could be a spy there – or there -

Well, we’ve checked and no bugs have been found – so relax and enjoy! This garden may be the smallest in the NGS Yellow Book – but my goodness, it has the ‘WOW’ factor in spades… in fact, at the end of our wonderful visit, I have re-named this garden. It is henceforth to be known as the ’*WOW* Garden.

Thank you Grenville and Alan for your kindness and hospitality, as well as the fun and laughter – and for sharing your beautiful garden with us. Today was not just a return visit – there are more plans afoot! but you’ll have to wait and see…

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Thanks agents Spritz and 'M'.
Todays mission to debug the garden was a complete success.We are so relieved that the spying frogs that were sent to Bristol by counter agent 'Bonkers' appear to have moved on.The frogs have been making a great deal of nocturnal noise recently, and we feared that agent Bonkers may have 'bugged' our garden in order to seek revenge on the South West Gardeners Mafia.Your photograph beautifully captured agent Grenville's apprehension.
Agent Alan has resorted to spend evenings keeping watch in the garden overnight, and he has slept in a specially adapted darkened room during the day, and applied a special balm to sooth his troubled brow!
Your kind gifts have taken all the apprehension away!
Your mission was a delicate and sensitive operation today, but M's determination coupled with your expertise have ensured that the garden at Kensington Road is now totally bug free, and those dreadful spying frogs that agent Bonkers planted under the cover of darkness have been eradicated..
Finally, thank you to you both for travelling up to Bristol today and for bringing the lovely plants. They will be given a special place in the garden.We all had such a lovely day, and it was lovely to see you both.
However, we must all continue to be vigilant- who knows what cunning plans will be hatched by agent 'Bonkers'?
To all our friends on G.O.Y please continue to watch this space,
Best wishes,
Grenville and Alan.

30 Jun, 2008


i will be tuned in for the next thrilling episode

30 Jun, 2008


Aah, Mish Shpritzsh! The enemy musht, indeed, have been shaken, as it did not stir. I hope that the only "plants" now are those real ones! Grenville and Alan, I hope that, in addition to Spritz and 'M', you also had a very large Q at your door for your Open Day!

1 Jul, 2008


Thanks for a good laugh ! I enjoyed reading this : )

1 Jul, 2008


Waiting for next episode.

1 Jul, 2008


Oh please - all this peace and joy , enjoy it as we speak my new satellelite weather station will soon arrive over Somerset!
Frogs have not moved on - been advised to take cover.

1 Jul, 2008


Look forward to the next episode

1 Jul, 2008


LOL :o)

David - cracking Connery impression!!

1 Jul, 2008


I'm glad you didn't find the bug I have so carefully concealed at 28 Kensington Road. I shall continue my spying mission <evil laugh>

1 Jul, 2008

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