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We had to go out this afternoon and to our horror, when we got back, we found that a huge branch had fallen from the top of the Weeping Ash. The weather this week has been very windy. It was balanced on the stream wall.

This is just part of it. It’s broken the new branches growing from the side of the trunk as it fell.Some of it landed in the stream on top of my new plants, well, it would, wouldn’t it! My husband got his chain saw and loppers out and started removing it. Oh no! Underneath the heaviest bit was the remains of my little Prunus mume.

Nothing to be done except cut off the broken bits. Maybe it will shoot again? I do hope so. I helped my husband by pulling on the rope to keep the biggest section of the branch from toppling into the stream. Neither of us could lift it.

Then my husband pulled the rest of the branch and twigs off my stream plants. Well, one of the Loosestrife is a bit bent, but on the whole they have come through pretty unscathed.
Thank goodness! They have suffered enough already!

So we shall be having a bonfire tomorrow of all the bits and the large branch will be cut into logs for next winter. We will be on the phone to our tree surgeon – he told us last time he cut off a dead branch that this old tree only had 5 – 10 years of life left. That may have been an over-estimate, sadly. What a calamity!

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How terrible for you Spritzhenry. You seem to be going from one disaster to another. I'm glad your plants didn't suffer too much damage. They must be feeling fed up aswell. Never mind, you've got some nice log fires to look forward to next winter : )

11 Jun, 2008


Do you think someone somewhere is trying to tell you something about your streamside planting? If you get a plague of locusts, I'd give in!

11 Jun, 2008


Things are sent to test us. Keep smiling.

11 Jun, 2008


Sorry to hear this Spritz. We just have to deal with these things as they happen. The wind did a number on my back garden last night. One arch down and another close to going. I keep telling myself that it could have been a lot worse. Don't give up on your streambed.

12 Jun, 2008


lol i was thinking the same as Andrew. your plants by the stream really have been thru the mill. mind you as Blodyn said you will have loads of logs for the fire this winter, nothing beats a log fire on a cold winters night

12 Jun, 2008


Oh Spritz you are having a terrible time just lately Hope today will be a better one for you.

12 Jun, 2008


Thanks guys, I appreciate the sympathy and expect that the locusts will get eaten by our woodpigeons - and Henry will crunch up the rest! lol. Now the chain saw won't start. Husband is NOT happy, especially as I only bought it for him for his birthday in March! He will have to read the instructions....

12 Jun, 2008


Just think of all the fun and games you are having clearing up the tree .not to mention the exercise.and logs .
I,m jealous because you have a stream

12 Jun, 2008


Oh dear Spritz, not a good time for your stream (occasional torrential river) at the moment. You must be due a very very pleasant second half of 2008!!

12 Jun, 2008


Gardening can be like that! All the same it is a disappointment.

12 Jun, 2008


So sorry to read about this Spritz.You have a had a tough time lately with all the bad weather and the problems with the stream and now the damage to that lovely tree.Things can only get better.How about if we come down to see you and bring some T.L.C from Bristol? Sorry we didnt pick up this Blog earlier,but I had a nasty accident this week and fell down and broke a finger and two ribs!!!. Its very painful as there is nothing the medics can do and its been quite a struggle getting the garden ready for our open days starting this weekend.Oh well these things are sent to try us as the saying goes.....
Love and best wishes from Grenville and Alan. xx

12 Jun, 2008


sorry to read about your accident grenville, did it happen in the course of getting the garden ready? hope the pain is easing off now and that you will be 100% better soon.
eileen xx

12 Jun, 2008


Wow, what a week on GoY ..... storm damaged arches for Mike, Ashed marginals for Spritz and broken bones for Grenville !
I am very sorry to hear of these woes and hope that each of these clouds has a silver lining. :-)

14 Jun, 2008

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