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After the miracle, back to work!


I decided to wait until the weather had settled a bit before I re-planted the stream bank following the floods. The steps have gone – probably arrived at Bristol by now – so I climbed down using the kitchen steps. I planted the Astilbe kindly donated by my friend, another Astilbe ‘Fanal’ and the tiny Gunnera. I also re-planted the Primula vialii which went for a swim up the stream before it beached itself.

I cleared up the debris left by the flood – bits of stick and so on. I looked at the slightly battered plants and ‘corrected their posture’ in some cases. One of the Flag Irises had only just hung on, and needed soil to cover its exposed roots. I am delighted that several of the plants, under water only just over a week ago, have new buds.

The Zantedeschia has one, too, and so does the other Primula vialii. I am also pleased to see how much the plants have grown! They are beginning to establish well. Trust Henry to get into the photo! He was wondering what I was doing in his favourite place.

Two years ago, when the stream bank was just a mass of weeds, I threw a piece of my LARGE Gunnera over the wall, when it came adrift from the main plant. Amazingly, it ‘took’ and it is growing well, with four respectable leaves.

My friend had also given me its baby brother, Gunnera magellicana, so I took a risk and planted this one right by the water.

I had left a wild Hypericum in its place when I cleared the bank ready for planting, and it’s in flower. I like it, so there it can stay!

I can’t wait for everything to flower – I’ll take more photos if Henry will allow me to – when there’s more progress.

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May I make a [sensible] suggestion? Remember the tree that was blown over if it were large enough it could be cut into long logs and staked in your stream like large log roll.This could be curved around stream beds to protect your plants from current surges.Reed beds also help in slowing water and allowing other plants to establish.

6 Jun, 2008


Thanks for the thought - logs get burnt in our house to keep us warm! Someone else in the village suggested a stone wall at the base of the bank. Don't know if that would help - probably not, although it would look good and tidy it up. The trouble is that the rain itself does not cause the flooding, it's the water draining from the surrounding fields and hills, and there's not much warning. It just comes up so swiftly!

6 Jun, 2008


Glad most things survived the deluge and that you're not going to give up on this project. : )

7 Jun, 2008


Its looking wonderful.Theres a Gunnera Spritz- You have made me feel like a very happy bunny!!! Ooops sorry the 'Bunny word' is not acceptable in your garden!!!!!
Best wishes,

7 Jun, 2008


Its a good job we all like gardening, any problems in our gardens that come to test us we just, 'as the saying goes dust ourselves down & start again, but pleased that most of your plants etc are ok. but your garden looks really well.

7 Jun, 2008


I admire your determination Spritz. Amazing that you have blooms after all that water. It can only get better.

8 Jun, 2008

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