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That Rabbit Again!


Do you remember the mysterious hole that appeared under the rots of the fir tree in my top border, back in April? Well, I filled it in and thought no more about it. I caught glimpses of the rabbit sitting cheekily on the lawn, and then two weeks ago my neighbour complained that her peas had all been eaten and that a rabbit hole had been dug in her veggie patch. Whoops! He’s trying his luck next door, I thought, where there’s more interesting food… BUT She was SOOOO cross at losing her peas that she blocked up the entrance hole with a heavy pot and the exit hole with an old milk crate. So what did he do? Yes, of course, he came back to MY garden! I forgot to take a photo of the new hole, but here’s the mess in my top border after I filled the hole (in a different place from the last one, naturally, where he could spoil more of my plants!)

I did leave the hole for a few days before I dealt with it, I am not that cruel, but then I decided to place big stones in the bottom of the deep hole and fill it with soil. Maybe he’ll be deterred by the stones and give up in the border. I discovered that the ‘Scaredy Cat’ plant label says it will repel rabbits too, so I planted one on top of the ‘ex-hole’.

The story isn’t over – while I was weeding up on the bank between us and our farmer neighbour today, my foot went into a half-dug hole. And on exploring on hands and knees further under the shrubs up there, I found more indentations. He has obviously been trying to make a new home in my garden for some time. The soil on the bank is hard, it has not been dug over for years due to the shrub-and-tree planting there. I guess that’s why he tried my border. I wonder where he will try next?

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You sure hes tunnelling into your garden and not out of it? Esp. if you been singing that song in your garden.

5 Jun, 2008


Gee, thanks, BB. Watch out - if I catch him (or Henry does) I will send him up to N.Yorks!

5 Jun, 2008


Now he IS a pest, not like the grasshopper ! (Sorry about that. Hope you read my other message. )

6 Jun, 2008


Is it possible that Bugs Bunny has been commissioned by the Ministry of Transport to excavate a new underground motorway link between Somerset and Bristol Spritz? You know what the M5 is like between Somerset and Bristol on occasions!.
It must be so annoying - Leave a little sign informing him/her that accommodation fees plus B.A.T.
(Bunny. Added. Tax ) on a daily rate will be charged if it
Please give us an update.
Yours sincerely,
Horace Moleskin,
Honorary President.
The Rabbit Appreciation Society.
Bristol Branch.

6 Jun, 2008

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