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There are so many lovely photos to look at that I have spent far too long in front of the PC.
So have just come in from doing a bit of weeding; luckily they are diminishing in numbers now as we have done it the old fashioned hard way: by hand.
When we first came here five years ago we vowed not to get so involved with the garden. At our other house we had a large garden which took up a lot of our time. But as we were had stressful jobs, working at the weekend in the garden was quite therapeutic. Although when we went away for our annual two weeks, we spent double that time to get the garden tidy again.
But now we only have to worry about the front lawn. When we got Harry the tiny back lawn became a messy mush during the winter, so we replaced it with pebbles thinking they would be easy to keep clean. But Harry hates them and if his football goes on to them he refuses to retrieve it, and will bark until someone collects it for him.
Consequently we have decided to pave that area now so that Harry will have more room for his football. Our grown-up son and daughter have queried if we would have done the same for them. Of course, they just don’t remember. All our grandchildren agree with us.
The wall behind the flower bed was there when we bought the place but it had huge squares of open stonework which apart from being extremely draughty when the East wind blew also opened our back garden to public view. We couldn’t match the bricks so I went to our local tile shop and bought these oddments of floor tiles. They matched the blue and cream theme I had started around the house.

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I'm sure Harry will appreciate the paved area to play football and yes, children have short memories. Dogs playing football in the garden? yes. Boys playing football in the garden NO!! Well not if you want to have any plants or lawn left. LoL. I enjoyed looking at your photos

16 Aug, 2009



our kids (the eldest 2) are not to play ball games in the garden

there is a very large playing field just behind us so they can go there

not that they venture out during the day......
x x x x

16 Aug, 2009


Our little friends do come first don't they - and so they should :o)

17 Aug, 2009

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