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lock down 2


I had hoped to do a bit of winter tidying up but 2 weeks ago hubby and I seemed to get severe colds. I lost my sense of smell for 3 days typical of a cold and we were both coughing. Any way I felt unwell again last Friday and daughter ordered Covid tests for us both.

Well hubby’s test is negative but mine is positive. Apart from a hacking productive cough I feel fine. So how come he hasn’t got it and I have? Where from? as we have both been to the same places and I have been much more vigilant regarding hand washing etc. No need to try and answer that however.

Any how, I have done a bit of tidying up in the garden and potted up plants that have been checked for vine weevil etc.

There are a few plants doing very well at the moment.
this Mahonia Sir Lionel Fortescue is buzzing with bees on the sunnier days.

Anemone japonica ‘September Charm’ is still charming and the late flying moths are grateful for the nectar they produce.

I bought this lovely red/orange chrysanthemum back in March, a week before lockdown 1. it is a variety called Brooke Farm, which I think was raised in America.

The fish are still feeding and they have had a good spawning this year.

And all the Liriope plants that have never flowered have now done so.

Hope you are all staying safe and well and are planning for coming out of lockdown. I suspect my area, E Yorks, 7 miles from Hull may be in the highest tier. Hull is no longer top of the infection rate thankfully.

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How odd,SB that only one of you was positive...and what's more visiting the same places!.I do hope you feel better very soon. Take care.On a more cheerful note,your Mahonia is beautiful.The birds are certainly having a feast here.

25 Nov, 2020


That's how viruses work though, they affect people differently. Sbg may have had it earlier than her husband and gotten over it by the time they were tested.

Stay home and get well soon Sbg! :o)

25 Nov, 2020


Hope you feel a lot better soon and the virus goes away.
Your fish must give you so much pleasure and are obviously flourishing! Your mahonia is a beauty and the scent from it will be lovely.
Take care and don't force yourself to do anything until you feel better.

25 Nov, 2020


thanks for your concern and I will follow all the advice given. I have only 4 days of isolation left as it is 10 days after symptoms start so that is good. Not that we have been going any where since lockdown. I wonder if hubby's beard etc has 'filtered' out the virus. It certainly filters out what he is saying !
Apart from a cough I feel normal [for me!].

The fish give me great pleasure and some have very clear markings so they have been given names over the years. I find the variations in colour and markings lovely.

25 Nov, 2020


Wish you a speedy recovery.
The 'Mum is a lovely colour.

25 Nov, 2020


Julia, I just read through my comment again and realised it sounded a bit stern . . . didn't mean it to sound like that!

25 Nov, 2020


I hope you'll be better before long Eileen. I'm glad your oh hasn't got it though. It's strange how one of you has it and the other one doesn't.

I'm pleased to see your Liriopes flowering at last. Mine also took a few years before they decided to do it but since then they put on a lovely show every year. I hope yours will do the same.
It's nice that your Anemonies are still flowering too, and the Mahonia is lovely :)

25 Nov, 2020


Shirley,I didn't dead your comment as stern.
Do not worryx

25 Nov, 2020


I didn't think you sounded stern Shirley.

I really do feel fine and have felt much worse with a cold. which I guess is good considering the weird pneumonia I had a couple of years ago.

I have quite a few plants doing a second or extended flush of flowers. Penstemon, Helianthus and some roses too.

25 Nov, 2020


I am sorry to hear you tested positive Seaburn and hope that you will recover very soon! It is strange why your hubby didn't get it! Maybe it's to do with the immune system or if you hadn't been feeling very well at the time and was more vulnerable.
You still have a good bit of colour in your garden and I love the Mahonia. Your fish look quite happy too! We miss having a proper pond as the soil is heavy clay and don't think I could dig far enough down to create a pond. My hubby is disabled so couldn't do it!
Take care and get well soon!

25 Nov, 2020


So sorry you’ve not felt well, Eileen. Do put your feet up and get plenty of rest. That ‘charming’ anemone is stunning!

25 Nov, 2020


I do like the red chrysanths and the Mahonia is stunning, your anenome is a different shade to mine which is also flowering again, its good to see the flowers doing so well, we've not had any frost yet, plenty of colour for me to admire still, lovely pics Seaburn...
That Covid is a weird virus, effects some folk a lot worse than others, my son and daughter-in-law both had it back in April/May time, Gary had it first, got over it
reasonably well although said he felt very weak for a long time, he works with elderly people so is tested weekly, twice through the summer he tested positive again but had no symptoms, not even the sniffles, back in isolation again.. Vicky however was ill for many weeks, they even admitted her to the hospital to monitor her breathing at one stage, it took her all summer to actually feel well again..
Caitlyn their daughter was home from Uni, they only have a small two bedroom home, one bathroom and all had to use the kitchen, we all thought Cait would get it but she didn't, poor girl was stuck in isolation for over two months, did well to not go stircrazy..
As I said its a weird virus, fingers xx hubby stays healthy and sincerely hope you are rid of that cough soon....

25 Nov, 2020


Shirley,apologies, I didn't mean 'dead' should be 'read'!!!This darn predictive text!!

25 Nov, 2020


I hate predictive text; my daughter always laughs coz as you start to put my name in Eil it goes straight to Dil and then adds do after it !!!!!!

25 Nov, 2020


How funny, have to be so careful!

25 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear you caught the virus, SBG, but it seems it hasn't affected you too badly, which is a very good thing! :)

It IS strange that your husband is not also infected!

Neither my wife or I have been infected & are keeping ourselves very much to ourselves! Though I had some really nasty coughs back in January which took about a month to finally disappear! We wonder if we might have been infected back then when nobody knew about this virus as we used to work in a charity shop & many customers complained of coughs & tiredness & we were all talking about the "virus" (not Covid19) that must be doing the rounds!

Anyway hope you get better real soon & that your husband doesn't go down with it after you have made your recovery!

25 Nov, 2020


Similarly here,Balcony...back in January my husband went down with a very nasty started with a cough and developed into a chest infection...he took weeks to recover feeling very exhausted. I was lucky to avoid,I don't know.I'm sure it was the virus then,but very few people knew about it.

25 Nov, 2020


Hi Eileen! So sorry you caught the virus - you can fight it with good healthy eating and lots of fresh air and water. Don't forget the herbal teas. They work for me. Is your husband Type O by any chance? I am and I honestly can't remember ever getting seriously sick. If I ever caught a cold, it was very light and brief. Type Os tend to have a strong resistance. Hope you have a speedy recovery. I'm sure you will.

25 Nov, 2020


I wondered about all the coughs and 'splutters' doing the rounds back in Jan/Feb Balcony and Meadowland as it was clear there was something going around. In March, just before lockdown a good friend lost her sense of taste/smell but at the time it wasn't a recognised symptom. She has since had the antibody test which came back as positive. Her husband was negative.

I have always had a healthy lifestyle Paul and usually have a good immune system. Working in schools either 'killed' you or protected you. I rarely had time off with infections preferring to have time off for 'good ' things like kidney stones. haha. I am blood group O hubby is something like A or B. One daughter is O and the other has never been typed.

25 Nov, 2020


Get well quickly SBG. Your plants still look lovely and hopefully the weather will allow to enjoy them little longer. Take care of yourself .

Interestingly my OH had the same problem in January and now we think he got this virus, although, at the time we did know about it. He also lost his taste for a little while. I was fine, thankfully.

25 Nov, 2020


Eileen, wishing you well! What a nightmare time for you. Our area has been high with covid numbers. Of course I’m in East Yorkshire too and it’s just horrible, we are hoping to have the vaccine in December. Well, if everything goes to plan...
I’m still out and about doing my rounds, as safely as possible.
Keep well, take care and keep gardening!

25 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear that seaburngirl, at least yo have kept yourself busy and what better place than being in the garden, which is looking lovely, have you noticed mahonia seems to be flowering earlier in recent years?, a lady I know had Covid similar to yours, she was very careful but still got it, sadly I have just lost one of my old dears, mollie was 96 in good health until six weeks ago, then her mind just went and was put in hospital for assessment them went into temporary care, she got Covid from the hospital and sadly died last Monday, she was one of those lovely people, I worked for her every Tuesday and at one o’clock she would make me a cuppa and a shortbread biscuit and we would sit and chat, such an interesting lady, anyway hope you get better soon , take care.

25 Nov, 2020


that's interesting Klahnie and seems to be a general pattern going by comments here. at least we are well on the road to being better.

Katie I assumed you came under the Hull area due to you being near Victoria Dock [or have I got that wrong?]. Yes I did wonder how you were managing. Do you have to have regular tests?

That is so sad Julien, people like that are always missed. Hope you are staying well in yourself too.

25 Nov, 2020


Sbg, I had an e-mail from a cousin of my husbands in Edinburgh which included the following:
"Carol, Joanne and I actually think we may have all come down with the virus last Christmas whilst in Florida. Sounds far fetched but all of us went down with violent coughing, high temperatures, lethargy etc. (all symptoms of Covid 19 I believe) and each of us went down with it in five day intervals. Joanne first, followed by Carol and I went down with it on the flight home."

Makes you wonder how long this virus has been around!

26 Nov, 2020


well we know it was in Wuhan back in November but where else it may have gone is any ones guess. That's the trouble with international travel.

the group of coronaviruses has been around for centuries and its the way they keep mutating that makes 'new' forms/diseases.
think it of it like our plants. How many species of rose are there? then with in each species how many named varieties? then there are the hybrids between species and so on. All we do when we breed plants is what nature does when an opportunity arises.

On a slightly more 'humerous' note. NHS rang hubby last night to explain what he could and couldn't do. The woman suggested he spend more time with the wife. He said but she is diseased; she mis heard and thought he said 'she is deceased'. I wondered why he was laughing.

26 Nov, 2020


Now that has made me smile!

26 Nov, 2020


Sorry to hear you've had/got Cv19. Sounds like you got off fairly lightly, being able to work in the garden, the plants, btw, looking great. Don't over do it. Thinking positively, at least you will have some antibodies.

26 Nov, 2020


So sorry to read you've got the dreaded virus SBG. It's a very strange virus isn't it? Hitting some people and not others, with no rhyme or reason why.
My OH and myself have joined a Covid tracking programme run by Oxford Uni and ONS. They are trying to find out how the virus gets from one person to another other than by nose, mouth, touch..which it clearly is doing.
They come each week and take swabs and ask us numerous questions about our activities over the past week and what contacts we've had with others. We then get our results within a few far negative.
When I asked why they have to repeat the questions for each of us I was told that might just be what they needed to pin down another form of transmission and we all react differently.
I hope you and hubby are both fighting fit again very soon.

26 Nov, 2020


Mahonias seem to be doing extra well this year - yours is beautiful - hope it cheers you along your path to recovery! The Liriope are good too.

So sorry you've got the virus but glad to hear its a mild dose. Look after yourselves! On the bright side, you should now be immune to a stronger infection. It's interesting to hear that others had coughs earlier in the year. I did too, but so far no signs of anything else.

26 Nov, 2020


The only way to find out if the early coughs were Covid 19 is to have a blood test for the antibodies. But the government isn't pushing them and GPs are stretched.

Well where I am [Yorkshire and the Humber] is tier 3 which wasn't a surprise.

I am hoping to get out in the greenhouse today to tidy up pots and sweep out the floor. I have several plants in there just staying snug as they get a bit older before going out for sale or into my own garden.

27 Nov, 2020


Where we live is right on the border of four counties, we thought ourselves lucky all these months to live in one of the least affected areas, however because Stamford is in Lincolnshire we are also going into Tier 3 as of the Dec 2nd, its absolutely ridiculous the way they have worked it out Seaburn, we're not going anywhere anyway as health is important but I do feel for some folk and definitely the business' s.....

28 Nov, 2020


I agree Lincs, so many areas are lumped in with others. like Lincs, Yorks has many very rural areas with little or no infection.

28 Nov, 2020

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