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A month on


By rkda


Hi anyone whos looking. Its been just about a month since I wrote the last blog where I was just fencing off some land to transform into a veg plot and chicken run. After much hard digging and constructing on weekends and evenings things are starting to take shape. I have constucted a chicken coop for our 2 chickens from a cheap shed bought from B & Q, yes only 2 chucks at the minute, hopefully get more. The coop is quite big for them so I might squeeze some more in. After carefully building perches they prefer to sleep on the floor! They have been named by my partner Karin – they’re called coucou and eve, after their origins I believe, (French) apparently. They are Copper Blacks, good colouring when sun catches them. They are laying regularly so we no longer need to buy eggs. Its a start. Our cat, Louie, likes stalking them.
I have also double dug, seems like triple dug to me, 2 plots for vegs. Both approx 10ft by 20ft. Karin (partner) has planted elephant garlic, normal garlic, carrotts, red cabbage, lettuce, chives, spring onions in various bits of the sectioned off plots. Will be planting some potatoes, and onions (3 variaties) and some other bits soon. Exhausted. Oh, will also be building a picket fence round the plots to keep things out. Already got a problem with moles, I know they dont climb fences, I ment things like rabbitts, chickens. Anyway, I have included some photos. Will also put photos on homepage. All the best to everyone.
Paul & Karin.

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you ahve been busy. the chickens look happy. have they sorted out the pecking order with the cat?

Wait till you start to harvest all your veg :o)

7 Apr, 2009


Wonderful mental picture of pole-vaulting moles doing a runup to your picket fence - animal olympics next?

7 Apr, 2009


Wow....Posh choock coup. Looks like you have both been working very hard. It will all be worth it when you taste your own veg..............

7 Apr, 2009


My word! You have been busy!!! At least you'll reap the benefits from it, so that's some consolation!

I see your cat is giving approval to all your hard work! Lol!!
Would love to see a piccie of your cat stalking the chickens, how cute. Talking of which, your chucks look cute too and I'm sure they luuuuuurve their new home!
Well done!

7 Apr, 2009


That is one impressive looking vegetable plot. Hope the harvest repays all that hard work

7 Apr, 2009


Nothing better than having your own laying hens, so much better for you. So many young people are growing their own veg, even in small gardens you can put veg and salad leaves in, well done to you both.

7 Apr, 2009


very impressive , remember to bury chicken wire 6'' below ground so the rabbit can't tunnel underneath!

7 Apr, 2009


Wow you have worked hard love your chick's.

8 Apr, 2009


You've been working very hard and it's looking great.It looks so neat for an allotment. I'm sure all your hard work(double digging etc) will pay off with great results!

19 Apr, 2009

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