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New garden starting


By resi


Well we have made a start on the garden, this is the progress in the front for now as I am concentrating on the back gdn this year.

This was part of the frontdrive which we wanted to tidy up and enlarge to give us more parking space.
OH used some of the many big stones we keep finding lying around and buried in the garden to build a retaining wall, he loves a good project! So I have taken out all old growth and tangled root masses, 1000s of grape hyacinths and as many blimming celandines plus…, moved soil around and now it looks more like it and we can park our cars further away from the windows.
We found that this border was laid on top of existing concrete, in fact the whole of the front is concreted over with some membrane and gravel on top!

A vicious nearly 2 m wide hawthorn hedge being tamed giving us a much wider back garden

and this was before I did the job

I put in a couple of slightly raised veg beds, in the reclaimed bit of ground under the hedge. The old stones came in handy again, I think that nxt year they might have to be build up a bit higher though.

Bill used some more of the stones to make this little terrace

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A lot of hard work there Resi.

11 Apr, 2015


wow you have been busy. it looks much improved some lovely planting opportunities.

11 Apr, 2015


Hi Resi,
I love your use of stone to hold back your earth bank, looks rustic and neat. Has given me the idea to do same as have dug up truck loads and did not know what to do with them. Happy gardening

12 Apr, 2015


Hi snoopdog, planted broad beans and lots of saladcrops in the beds sofar, fingers crossed. No hardly any neighbours here but that was part of why we like this house so much.
Linda all the stonework was my OH, he loves it but his involvement with the garden is coming to an end when he finishes this little terrace, he doesnt 'garden', as in anything to do with plants ?, my daughter is hoping for him to do something creative in her garden next lol.
Sbg I am going the seed road, have trays and trays of sweet peas, echinops etc growing and most perenials will be sown out where they will grow later this spring, gaps will no doubt be filled this year with GC plugs.
We got lots more lovely stones taurman, i have to think up more projects! We had to keep narrow borders as the field nextdoor is half a m higher than our garden and the hedge roots would be exposed. A pond would be good too.
I will do more blogs as I go along.

12 Apr, 2015


Looking good Resi, sorting that hedge will make a huge difference and your front garden looks so much better, I wish I could find a few of those stones here, could do with adding to mine at the bottom of my garden, lol.....

12 Apr, 2015

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