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Starting new garden


By resi


Operation “garden” has kicked off this month.
Most of the winter I spend clearing everything out of the borders, knocking down some walls and building 3 raised vegetable beds. We also put in a new shed, with a view and my potting bench!

Clearing out the bed on the roadside, so many matted roots and weeds here, kept the fuchsias and put in a cple of rose bushes transplanted fr the backgarden. This is not a priority this year so will be filled with plants or bulbs which I am trying to hold on to from elsewhere.
B has topped up the retaining wall with some nice stones, apparently there was a slight tractor mishap here before we arrived which knocked the top row off and all the soil was leaking away.

B is happily settled into his spring projects, I.e. humping whacking big stones around. I would love to know where all these stones came from originally but most of my garden resembles a rock garden, they are everywhere. I will make good use of them though.
Enlarging parking area in the front, building up retaining walls

Hopfully I did the last weeding of the veggie beds and started sowing salad seeds in my tiny little greenhouse, just to try as I have never owned one before and just havent the space for a bigger one. I keep hoping the farmer who owns the fields adjoining our garden will one day say yes and sell us a bit of land for a decent drive and garage, and a bit more garden ? but no luck sofar!
Hope this one doesnt blow away, hence the stones in the bottom and will tie into hedge as well as the winds on our hilltop are ferocious.

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A big but interesting time ahead

14 Mar, 2015


Lets hope we all get good gardening weather Resi, you can really enjoy your garden now if you have the house sorted, must be great working in your shed with a view like that.
Hope you've been getting and giving lots of love and hugs since moving back....

14 Mar, 2015


Yes should be interesting Bjs but I dont know about big ? it feels so small after my old garden but I will just enjoy the small scale and have the time to do other things as well now.
Lincslass the hugs n kisses and fun together have been so worth moving back for, I have never regretted it for a moment. You just never know where life will be taking you next!

14 Mar, 2015


Good luck with your new space Resi. The view from your shed is wonderful.

14 Mar, 2015


Thanks Klahanie and yes those shed views make a rainy afternoons' potting very bearable and when the sun shines it is pure joy being in there out of the wind with a mug of tea, just a shame there is no space for a chair like cottagekarens!

14 Mar, 2015


Oh that's lovely! It's such fun to get dirt under your nails and plant the tiny seeds in your new little greenhouse. Enjoy! My greenhouse is lovely during the day but I can't afford to heat it through the below zero working in it will have to wait a while longer. We've had typical mad March weather so's been hovering around zero through the days but nights are really cold and now the long range weather is saying that it will become quite cold nearer the end of the month. Wish it would make up it's mind. We so need some spring after this horrible winter. In this garden you won't have to worry about water conservation quite as much as in the Gers. Am I right? the soil in your plots looks lovely and dark.
I hope you're paying attention to your back while you are hoisting those stones around! It also pays to be very attentive to where your fingers are too... I had a couple of painful pinches. It's so satisfying when it's done though. :-)

15 Mar, 2015


I sent a pm lori.

15 Mar, 2015

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