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Herb garden


By resi


Last year i started thinking about and playing around with ideas for a herb garden.
I managed to lay some of the groundwork and transfer the herbs i have scattered around the garden but the bulk is still to come.
As i have become a fully fletched granny this winter , i have spend a lot of the time in the uk, enjoying our new grand daugher and helping out, with baby and garden over in yorkshire.
As a result my garden has had to take a backseat, but now, being back and with rising temps i can feel the urge to get out there again and get on.

Meanwhile B has been doing major things to our enormous hole in the ground and with a spade ‘only’ has created a manageable pond.
The hole was about 5m X 5m and c 1.50 deep in the middle, set up really to collect the rainwater from the roofs, however we found in the summer the whole thing dried up more often than not and it also leaked.
So it was decided, well ..he decided but i was happy to go along as he would be doing all the very hard graft…. that he would fill up half of it , line it and see.
We are in the ‘seeing’ stage now…
but so far we are both happy with how it works and it is now my turn to start thinking about planting in and around it, i see it more as a wild pond than a cultivated and manicured one, we plan no fish as there is plenty of other wildlife to be enjoyed in there.
The challenge is that i can NOT use any damp soil/margin plants surrounding it as any dampness is strictly inside the pond, the ground around it will be dry and hard as cement most of the time.
So between the developing herb garden and the new pond it will be interesting to see what happens.

ps those stones you promised me Lori, they havent arrived yet……??? have my nightingales made it over to your garden? we havent heard them here yet but any day now
will have a look around at all the other blogs now, i seem to have been away for a long time, a lot to catch up with and get new ideas from

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your herb garden looks fabulous!!! i really like the edging and the pattern you have laid out
a natural pond will be just lovely ~ looking forward to seeing the planting

10 Apr, 2012


Well done ... you've some interesting areas in your garden.

I like the designs you've created. Good luck with the herbs :o)

10 Apr, 2012


There's a lot going on there Resi, very satisfying . . . it's going to look great. :)

10 Apr, 2012


You are having great success, Resi! Must have been fun in Yorkshire..congrats on being a new Gramma. The water feature is looking fantastic and it's only your second year working at it. Don't fancy the work of dealing with hardpan. I know there are some plants that are sold which are said to have roots capable of establishment and breaking down of the hardpan over time...will have to look around to see where it was I read that. What herbs do the locals grow? The savories perhaps...would sage work well? I have a sage that survived the move and it has a trunk, would you believe it? it's like a small tree~Rosemary must grow well there and lavender. How are your roses doing?
As to the rocks, my friend, I would gladly supply all your needs but it's such a long way to carry them! I'm busy making gravel stream beds and have an idea for a rockery near the driveway.

10 Apr, 2012


I like that is so natural

21 Sep, 2012

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