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Crabapple profusion or Redbud???


By Kaiinok

United States Us

Hello from Oklahoma!

I picked up some sale trees from a local store, and not all of them were tagged. By the bark (two have no leaves), I was guessing - and hoping - they were redbud. Now two of them are questionable and I am beginning to wonder if they are actually Profusion Crabapples. That is not a problem - it is also a beautiful tree. The question I have is size. I have seen growth charts showing everything from 15' - 40' high and a spread of anywhere from 8' to 30'. That's the problem part. Can anyone tell me what the average spread of a crabapple is? If it is over 12', I may have to move these babies.
Thank you!

On plant Malus



Hello Oklahoma from Cornwall!
I have a Malus 'John Downie' which is in quite a small space. If allowed to, it probably would spread to 12 ft...eventually. Crab apples don't mind being pruned; it helps to increase the yield. Prune each branch in early spring to one shoot above the fruiting spur, and trim off any crossing or damaged branches, plus any you don't want. e.g those that just get in the way when you walk past.
No reason why you should have to move them. Enjoy!

15 Jun, 2009


Greetings from London;-)
If it's Malus profusion, these get no bigger than 20 feet, sometimes smaller, if that's any help.

15 Jun, 2009

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