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Will an apple tree grown from pip produce fruit?

leicester, United Kingdom Gb


On plant Malus



well done! how long did that take?

23 Apr, 2008


wow that will be interesting from what ive read, as i am trying to grow apples as well is that they usually dont fruit untill they are 3 or 4 years old anyway,(but my 18 month tree had 3 apples last year). Apple trees grown on their own roots fruit less, fruit later (one or two years) and grow alot bigger than apple trees grafted to dwarfing type roots. But that doesnt mean it wont fruit at all. I am happy to be corrected on anything i have said here as im only a beginer gardener and fruit grower! If it blossms it should fruit as long as it has pollinator, afraid dont know if pink ladys are self fertile or not. Let us know.

23 Apr, 2008


HI Hedgehogg,i am sure that this was just a bit of luck ,i got a 1lb of pink lady apples from asda 6 years ago,and as i was eating them i noticed that the pips had little routes sprouting so i potted them and from that came theses trees,that are now about 4ft. high,i just hope they do fruit idont know if they will pollinate as they are next to each other in the garden only a little more time will tell ,but thats what its all about trial &error,well thanks for your interestbye ,mark

24 Apr, 2008


I am an amateur but do you not require a male/female plant to get fruit???

25 Apr, 2008


Some apples are self fertile eg are male and female (the mind boggles).The only problem is that the pips from a pink lady apple wont necessarily grow a pink lady apple tree! But you wont know untill you get an apple and taste it! My 3 year tree that didnt blossom last year has just burst into blossom, i read that i should rub these off and not let it fruit untill its older but im not going to because im too exited! So i say give your trees plenty of bone meal and manure prune them in autumn and see what happens.

28 Apr, 2008


if you grow a apple tree from a pip it dose not mean that you will get the same,apples as the seed you planted,that's why they graft so i`m lead to believe.hope i`m wrong. All the best from bribach. it will nice to know the result ?.

28 May, 2009

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