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what do i do when my daffodlls die? i've heard that i have to tie the leaves in a knot is ths true?



Hi Ncholaward, maybe that's just to keep them neat. You should remove the flower stems but leave all the foliage. It will continue to feed the bulb in the ground while it stores up nutrients for next years growth and bloom. when the bulb goes dormant again the leaves will die and turn brown. Then you can remove the leaves. This is usually in July. Cheers.

4 May, 2008


No, don't tie them up - it stops the nutrients from feeding the bulbs for next year! It is nearly as bad as cutting the leaves off!

4 May, 2008


Spritz is right. Some people tie them for neatness but the bulbs will do so much better if you leave the leaves on until they die.
Once they have died down and you have removed them, remember where the bulbs are, the amount of times I have stabed one with a fork by mistake.

4 May, 2008

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