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bird of paradise


By Stewart

United Kingdom Gb

hello i have had my bird of paradise for 7 years without any flowers appearing on it i had the plant inside my house but i recently planted it outside but all the leaves are going brown is it dying as i cannot see any new shoots on it



I bought my self one out of Homebase on Friday,have always wante done as not been able to get the seeds to germinate.

It may be too cold outside just yet.

4 May, 2008


Strelitzia is a tropical...needs nice warm nighttime temps. likes water too. perhaps you shocked it by placing it outside in light that is much brighter than it's used to. the leaves can get sunburned just like you or I. Best to leave it out for short periods for a few weeks before moving it permanently.

4 May, 2008


Your tropical needs humidity and warmth - mist with a spray bottle. Also look at what surrounds it - a light colored wall or adjacent rock sidewalk will reflect light and heat, and can bake your baby. Think tropical rain forest - your plant will like to be surrounded by other plants in a humid, warm environment. A large tray of rocks filled with water, set under the plant, will make it feel more at home. Tropicals do best in groups

4 May, 2008


I would be very surprised if you could grow Strelitzia outside in the UK! Definitely a tropical plant for a warm conservatory here.

4 May, 2008

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