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Snow on the Mountain- How to eliminate?


By Jsawgle

United States Us

I have snow on the mountain that is invading my flower beds and getting in to my lawn. Can anyone help with some advice on how to get rid of it the easiest and most effective way?



I'm kind of envious... I can't seem to keep snow on the mountain for more than a couple of seasons in a row. It's silvery foliage looks lovely in the moonlight garden. It only blooms for a very short period and then it gets hidden by something else. Do you plant mostly annuals in your garden? My advice is to put on your gloves and pull it out by the roots. Or find a friend who likes it and tell them that they can remove all they like charge!...

4 May, 2008


I understand the problem. I like it but it is very invasive. I struggle to stop it from swamping less vigorous alpines etc. I now pull a lot of it up and transplant to difficult corners of my large garden where I am glad if anything will grow.

4 May, 2008


I agree - this plant is definitely a thug even though it is a pretty one! It tries to overwhelm my scree bed and I just have to keep pulling it out to keep it under control. I suppose you could treat it as a weed and kill it with weed killer if that were possible in your garden. Seems a shame, but I do understand.

4 May, 2008

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