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Need help big time! I am I guess what you would call a by the book gardner. I have a problem. I have purchased wire baskets, sphagnum moss, and dirt. Now is where the problem comes in. I live in Chicago and have many books with ideas for hanging baskets yet most of the flowers required are nearly impossible to get in my area also most dont say where the hanging baskets should be placed. They seem to have a mix of flowers some for full sun, some for shade, and some for part shade. All in the same basket I dont get it. I always thought fuschia needed to be in the shade or part shade yet its in one of the baskets I have chosen. The last time I bought a bleeding heart fuschia it lasted about a week. Please help if you know of a great book with flowers that arent nearly impossible to get your help would be greatly appreciated! The basket I am trying for will be in full sun most of the day and I realize will need almost constant watering. Please help!




Fuchsias do not like to be in full sun, you are right. Hanging baskets are usually on walls which reflect the heat making the fuchsia even more unhappy.
However, pelargoniums thrive in such conditions. These are very attractive plants, their flowers come in a wide range of colours and sizes and there are variations in foliage shape and colours too, even variegated. They are often called 'geraniums' but they share this name with a garden perennial, make sure you get the pelargonium 'geraniums'. Have a look on the internet and you will see what brilliant plants they are.
There have been some excellent posts on here about hanging baskets recently, containing very useful tips for planting them up. Use the search facility on GoY and you will find a wealth of material.
Don't forget to post a photo of your basket(s) when they're in position :-)

4 May, 2008


Go to your book store and buy "Annuals for Every Purpose" by Larry Hodgson. He also has a book "Perennials for Every Purpose". This book has over 400 annuals, all with pictures and growing instructions. These two books make my gardening life so much easier. Good luck, and have fun!

4 May, 2008


Your local nursery is where you can see what actually works. "Full sun in Chicago" is all you need to say. Fill your basket with whatever looks good to you from the plants they show you. Where your basket will hang determines the environment - against a brick wall will be more heat (avoid tender tropicals)

4 May, 2008


I always put a fuchsia in each of my hanging baskets, which I hang in full sun. They've always done fine :-)

5 May, 2008

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