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about hanging baskets,this will be for next year,i have no luck with them and they look terrible,what am i doing wrong and what am i not putting in them to make them big and bushy and what plants would be best,chris



First make note of the growing conditions. Will the baskets be hung in full sun, partial or shade. Then buy the appropriate baskets for those lighting conditions. Then once hung make sure they receive enough water. I water mine in the morning and evening. With the drainage holes don't worry about overwatering. When watering use a watering can that when full you can easily reach up to the baskets or get a container hand pump waterer. Now here is my method to a large mound of flowers overflowing the baskets. Buy regular flower fertilizer and place one tablespoon of granular fertilizer per gallon and make sure that every time you water, it is with this combination. Once the root system is full in the baskets and in August as the days get shorter I go for broke and use a bloom booster fertilizer in the watering. If you should have a plant in a basket that is now very prone to wilting during the day that means the basket is becoming severely root bound and should be transplanted to a larger basket if possible, otherwise, leave them in their origional containers. As a matter of fact I have a wilter which I will be placing in a larger basket tomorrow. Well, that's how I do it you may see the results for yourself in some of my most recent blogs.

20 Jul, 2016


Its the watering that people get wrong mostly - they need watering daily, and twice daily if the weather is warm. Easiest to use a liquid fertiliser mixed in with the water - I always water mine using old 1.5 litre drink bottles, that way I know they've had enough water (use it all, every time, unless the basket is very small, pour in steadily and slowly, if it runs over the top, wait ten minutes and put more in, then wait ten minutes and put more in until you've used the whole lot), and its easier to work out the ratio of feed to water. I feed them twice a week once they've got going, once a week initially. And even if its raining, they still need watering...

20 Jul, 2016


well there you go,they are in full sun and i dont water enough or feed them enough,i will do the bottle twice a day ive got one basket left,been trying to grow begonias as i love them and looking at the neighbors with envy,thankyou both for the advice its much apprecciated[i will add pics]

22 Jul, 2016


All good advice, but Ladybug mine have grown massively this year, and I don't feed them at all! I do water copiously though, and have used one fuchsia with four trailing geraniums around it, which has worked well. Good luck for next year . .

22 Jul, 2016


You can just use feed pellets, or no feed - but if you want optimum results, then feeding does that. I wish I could add a pic, but when I had baskets, the one in half a day;s sun at the front used to be completely hidden by now, with lobelia and surfinia petunias dangling down to 3 feet and plants in the top up to a foot... but if you've only got Begonias in yours, then you won't get that effect, so feed once a week if you want.

22 Jul, 2016

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