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hi guys help...ive got cats doing the toilet under my window.ive tried everything to deter them ive put pepper down,disinfectant,vinegar.ive been to the pet shop and bought stuff called vapet getoff which is a citrus gel..i got up this morning and guess what used as a toilet again...any ideas



Plastic mesh. They can't dig in it and their paws don't like it.

24 May, 2009


I had the same trouble, the guy in the garden centre recommended curry plant, Helichrysum as, they dont like the smell.

so far so good the cats dont bother anymore

24 May, 2009


my sis has had good results from these.

Silent Roar Cat Deterrant - Lion Manure Pellets
Silent Roar Cat Deterrant - Lion Manure Pellets
Ref: N120065
500 grams

24 May, 2009

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