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Soon I will be starting my hanging baskets and was wondering if the fact that I use miracle gro moisture control potting soil which contains according to the bag enough fertilizer for 3 months and also pellets to retain moisture do I stll need to add fertilizer every few weeks and also those water retaining pellets? Also the hanging baskets will be made with sphagnum moss not in a plastic container dont know if this has any influence on the answer.



Good morning SW I grow a lot of hanging basket which have been started end of feb with small plugs.

I used natural wicker baskets lined no spagnum moss.

I use compost my mix in a bucket before I plant it up ,then feed granules .pluw the water retaining gell stir in as if you were stiring custard:)

Then plant up and water in .

I never need to add any more feed and if it gets too hot through the season give an extra water .

Hope this has been of some help to you and good luck:)

29 Apr, 2008

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