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No flowers on tree peony


By Caz13

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I bought a bareroot tree peony from a mail order co., delivered maybe 2 months ago. I put it in a pot because I intend to give it to my mum as a present in July. It's got lots of leaves, but hasn't had any that because it was moved this year, or because it's in a pot, or because I've planted it wrong there a correct depth to plant, like herbaceous peonies?? I don't know anything about them



The plant may not be old enough to flower yet. as long as it is in a big pot there wont be a problem with it. plant to the same depth it was planted too. you can usually tell by the soil marks on the stem. make sure it is kept well watered and fed and hopefully it will bud next spring. what a lovely present for your mum.

16 May, 2009


Thank you for helping! Tried to gauge planting level from marks. Any particular kind of feed?
My mum has a beautiful garden.....not missing much, but maybe a tree paeony!

16 May, 2009


Rose or Tomato fertilizer contains the Potash that will encourage next years flowering

17 May, 2009


Sorry to be a pessimist, but with tree peonies you may have to wait four or five years to get them to flower.
But it's worth the wait! And once they begin flowering, they will generally continue if you don't disturb them.
Like most things in gardening, you just have to be patient.

17 May, 2009


Thanks all, will feed & wait :)

17 May, 2009


Planted mine last year and although it hasn't died there is little sign of growth and certainly no flowers. Looks like Bertiefox is right with the 5 year wait.

7 Jul, 2009

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