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I colected some seeds shed from a Foxglove tree


By Redwood

United Kingdom Gb

They look very dry, do they need any special treatment before planting. I live in Cornwall near the coast
The seeds are from a tree Paulonia Tomentosa common name foxglove tree



the seed is small and dry when it leaves the plant. you can either sprinkle them where you want them to flower or start them in pots.

Are they the tall purple ones, british native? if so you will get small foliage this year, big foliage and they will flower and sow seed the 2nd year. you could keep 1/2 the seed in a paper bag and sow it in late august. some of it will germinate and then you will have succession of plants for ever more if you want them.

15 May, 2009


Just remember they are bi-annuals but if left to seed will keep on appearing

15 May, 2009


Do you mean ordinary foxgloves or the foxglove tree Paulownia?

15 May, 2009


If you're not sure how to plant them, try a couple of methods. Plant some under a sprinkle of compost and some with a light covering of vermiculite (it lets the light through, which some seeds need for germination). Tree seeds often take a few months to germinate so don't give up on them too soon. Keep them moist with a plastic bag or a plastic lid from a salad pot fits nicely on a small pot and keeps moisture in.

15 May, 2009


hi redwood, silly me, didnt notice the word tree after the foxglove. so ignore all my comments as it is piffle for the tree. apologies.
the trees are fantastic so good luck. let us know how you get on.

16 May, 2009



17 May, 2009


thanks everyone for your help

17 May, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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