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Squirrels - keeping them away

New Jersey, United States Us

How do I keep them away from my peach tree?? Every year they destroy every peach on the tree. I do not have a bird feeder on the tree.I heard that cocoa shells help to keep them away and perhaps dry blood fertilizer. Killing them is against the law here, so I can't put out any poison. Anyone have any remedies that worked for them?



Hide their nuts ! You hanging bird feeders from the tree?

27 Apr, 2008


Netting is the only way ,shooting is better.

28 Apr, 2008


I do not hang bird feeders from the tree and killing them is illegal here (LOL). Any other suggestions?

29 Apr, 2008


The old gardeners used to put a scrap of fur in peach trees to scare away birds (they would think there was a predator hiding there) Don't know if this would work with squirrels tho - they are cunning devils! There are also animal deterants available - maybe you could spray it on?

29 Apr, 2008

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